Digital currencies and their impact on global markets

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Digital currencies and their impact on global markets

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At present, most of our transactions are done through the Internet

Sales and purchase operations and others

All this helped more in the spread of digital currencies

Obviously these currencies

Affected by supply and demand

In the sense that its price is determined through

Quantity of supply and quantity of demand

All this shows that there is a great relationship between

Digital currencies and the global economy

Especially the massive rise of the currency of the bitcoin

In the last period

Where some consider it

That it will be the savior of the global economy


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The daily volume of the daily bitcoin currency is estimated at $ 3 billion

This has a significant impact on the big companies

If the currency of the bitcoin succeeded

China will be one of the most important countries

Which will achieve great successes

China contains 81 percent of the bitcoin mining ponds

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As we have known before

There are many people

They were able to get big profits

Of electronic currency

Such as former CEO of Mozilla "Brendan Eich"

Which managed to raise $ 35 million in less than 30 seconds

Therefore there must be censorship

For the supply and demand of this currency

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But digital currencies

Facing many problems

Such as non-recognition by some States

The spread of rumors

Greatly affects them

As happened in China

The cause of the disorder is very large


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The digital currencies are ruling the world especially the bitcoin which has raised its value recently is trending all over the world

Yes this is expected for the bitcoin currency as being the only savior of the world economy

Cryptocurrency will hamper banking system!! It's the great fear of different states.

So many countries are afraid to deal with them

Absolutely right

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