We need IOTA listed on Kraken & Bittrex - Fellow steemians and Iota community lets make this happen - Every voice counts.

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Dear friends lets show the world how powerfull our voices are. We can make this happen if enough of us reach out. Show your support by upvoting or resteeming this post.

Congratulations IOTA! Slack just reached 20.000 members:)

Much love





thank you Louis:) much appreciated

This is absolutely worth to resteem!

Yes, Bittrex really needs to add IOTA! Especially since Bitfinex is closing their doors to US customers.

Well if that happens, price will explode :D Lets go for it OP!

Lets do this! :) Taking so long. I dont get why Bitfinex was so ahead of everyone else:)

IOTA on Bittrex would be great.

Lets make this happen:)

Thank you @danny88 that helps a lot:)