STYX Project Donation Phase - Decentralized, Infinitely scalable, zero-fees, instant value transfer

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The STYX Project will not conduct a public ICO. Instead all funds will come exclusively from community contributions in order to increase development and marketing efforts.

STYX is attempting to build the first privacy cryptocurrency based on a DAG architecture. In oder to achieve what other projects like Nano have failed to implement STYX will exclusively focus on combining a DAG architecure with mandatory privacy on a protocol level. The native currency STX will offer value transfer at zero-fees, instant transactions and infinite scalability.


Donation Phase

Early adopters of STYX will have the opportunity to donate to the project from May 1st (00:00 GMT +2) to May 15th (00:00 GMT+2)

Note: Please do not donate funds before the donation period start. Funds will not be considered or returned if sent before the official start on May 1st. You may still opt to support our project efforts before the official start and we sincerely thank everyone for the support.

Donations are made by sending ETH to the address at 0x94308CB2e6dCE0e68614a40cF2F4EcA6C94774c8

The donation phase will allow community backers to recieve 39% of all STX. The total amount of STX that will ever be created is 3.000.000 STX. Native cryptocurrency of the STYX Network will be distributed based on each contributors total amount donated in relation to the total funds raised. Once the 39% are raised via donations the phase will end.

Maximum Donation per person: 15 ETH

Minimum Donation per person: 0.1 ETH

Note: Multiple entries from the same address exceeding the 15 ETH cap will not be refunded or considered. Donations below the minimim will not be considered.

Total STX Allocation & Distribution

The STX distribution will take place on July 1st at the official STYX Network launch. All contributors will be able to claim their STYX via sending any amount of ETH even 0 to a separate claim address which will be used to identify that you own and have access to your ETH address. The claim address will be announced in due time. All STX will be sent directly to your STYX wallet which you will initially register using your ETH address used during the donation period.

Wallets for Linux, Mac and Windows will be released two days before the Network launch on June 29th. More updates are coming very soon!

You can follow STYX on Telegram or Twitter to recieve the latest updates.

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