STYX ▫️ Decentralized cryptocurrency made for payments based on a DAG architecture. Infinitely scalable, zero-fees, instant transactions & mandatory privacy on a protocol level.


Finally a cryptocurrency that supports superior DAG technology and is focused on scalability, privacy and ease of use.

STYX solves all of the current issues that blockchain cannot resolve.

A DAG architecture serves as the foundation for the STX Network that will handle up to 10.000 TPS in the early days. This makes STYX a disruptive force competing with the likes of IOTA. The capabilities allow for even more volume and efficiency as adoption increases.

Users will have a cryptocurrency that is free of intermediaries and completely free to transact with. STYX utilizes a block-lattice to handle high transaction volume and instant transaction confirmations for its user base.

Mandatory privacy is implemented on a core protocol level to assure user protection, complete freedom and total fungibility.

STYX allows for automated node staking in offline mode. Staking nodes can stay permanently offline and will be rewarded based on the amount of time that they are in autopilot mode and the amount of STX that each node uses to validate network processes. Regardless; each user in the network is also their own node as soon as a private address is generated. A negligeable amount POW is done by each user to validate two previous transaction. This effectively allows for zero-fee value transfer.

More information will be release very soon in the technical & overview whitepaper.

Make sure to follow STYX on telegram to recieve the latest updates.

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