Internet of Everything - A time to build on the best possible architecture - The potential is limitless.

Sounds too good to be true. What technology could possibly be ready to serve as the backbone for the "Internet of Everything"?
Currently only one innovation brings all the needed characteristics, to fully change our economy as we know it. IOTA, a true gamechanger in the cryptocurrency space.

The distributed ledger saga continues, as more and more new projects test the waters of blockchain technology. What if i told you that blockchain is outdated; due to its dinosaur architecture? Lets look at Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both are built on blockchain. The limitations in blocksize and third party interference aka miners, are just two examples that show centralized networks which on top do not scale.
Now lets compare this to a superior technology. IOTA brings the Tangle (Dyrected Acyclic Graph) which does not have any third party interferance and scales. Consensus is reached by each users own proof of work. Simply approving two previous transactions.
The Tangle sets the groundlayer for the internet of everything and also allows for M2M payments.

If you can pay zero transaction fees for the rest of your life...why would you every pay one again?

This is only the beginning for IOTA, as we quickly transition into an interoperating world.
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Nice post! The Tangle is seriously great tech. But I think If Bitcoin will implements LN, It's also great solution for people. What do you think bout it? :)


I think that unlimited speed & scalability + zero fees beats lightning network any day of the week. It's still going to do good because Bitcoin has such massive exposure;)

Thanks for the post as usual! :D
Can you make a post about the confusion on how to attach address to tangle, why and how it works. Do I have to attach new address every time I want to recieve? Also a guide on the bundle rebroadcast thing?

cheers :)


Sure thing @nitram It is explained in some of my guides but I may make something just explaining address generation🙂Cheers