COTI - [FULL INTRO] - Decentralised payment solution with DAG architecture. Infinitely scalable, instant, very low cost -

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Today on the DAG HUB we take a first brief look at the COTI project.

What is COTI?

-Currency of the Internet-

COTI is building a decentralised and highly scalable payments network based on a DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) architecture.
The project is very ambitious and wants to provide instant payments, trust & security, cost-effective and in the palm of your hand.

What is the main objective?

Mass adoption of their native cryptocurrency.

Who does COTI compare to?

COTI has the capability to be the decentralized improved version of Paypal.

What problems does it solve?

Blockchain limitations are solved by using DAG as the base of their network. This allows COTI to scale infinitely and at negligible cost. Transactions will be approved in the blink of an eye. There are currently only a handfull of currencies that use the next generation DAG architecture. COTI will be poised to spearhead the mass adoption of digital currencies in the mobile era.

Below you can see the capabilities of the COTI network.

coti currency review.png

How to invest/contribute to the project?

First of all we suggest to check out their official Telegram group:

COTI is the fastest growing community in the cryptocurrency space.

Ask questions and get involved. Admins and community leaders are always willing to help answer questions and guide you to the right path.

Here is a full rundown of CODI on social media:

Official webpage:


Telegram Group (Interactive):

Telegram Channel (Announcements):

We will bring a full review in the coming days. Stay posted and make sure to do your due dilligance.

Below is a link to the CODI whitepaper which you can also find on the official webpage.

Whitepaper Overview:

Whitepaper Technical:

At the DAG HUB we are very excited about this project, as it meets every possible requirement that we ask for in a project. More on that in the coming review.

Until then yours


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