The IOTA Flash network is here - Instant nano payments are now a reality.

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

A brand new protocol layer has been added to IOTA. The flash network is ready to be deployed and will run in parallel to the Tangle.
The biggest advantage provided is a faster and more efficient validation of true nano-payments.

As explained by lead developer Paul Hardy, the Flash network allows users to open additional channels which can be "prepaid" to hold large amounts of transactions, which literally will be approved in a flash.
When looking at Raiden or the Lightning Network one simply cannot make a direct comparison to IOTA flash as blockchain projects seem to attempt to solve fundamental scaling problems by using it as a "layer2".

The future of IOTA now looks even brighter as capabilities for mass adoption increase daily.

I hope you enjoyed my update:) please upvote & resteem to get the best IOTA news first:) thank you for your support.



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A good breakthrough in the development of flash, a good post thanks for the information and very useful


Very welcome brother:) I appreciate your feedback. Have a great day

IOTA is a great option to invest in! I am waiting for it to break that $1 resistant level again... Thanks for the post Op.


Yes m8 best long term investment. Don't wait for it to break 1$ because it won't look back once it passes 1.1. You have all the time in the world to accumulate now while it's cheap;)


Cheers - your IOTA blog has been very helpful during the summer! I'm still waiting for the next technical verification which way price is about to move in a short-term. Fundaments, however, are very promising just like you posted.


@arpepa cheers m8 glad I can help:) agreed usually news like this is already priced in but regardless everything below 1$ is cheap imo so great time to hodl more:)

Wow I did not know! Im learning so much about IOTA!


@nitram always good to feed you with info. Stay tuned I will be posting more once I get home from my trip:) cheers

This is great news, looks like it's time to stock up on more IOTA!


Absolutely m8 doing the same here;)

I'll share this nice post on Japanese! :)


awesome:) tyvm Sjm

Hi iotaforall,

I think one digital newspapers is what is going to break the dam. They desperately need a solution and their subscription model is not working.

Enter Iota, together with satoshipay is going to give users more choice and let newspapers survive.

I'm buying up IOTA as much as I can.! It's got huge potential for growth 😎 👍☝️

I bought a few IOTA in the $0.16 price. I believe in this project. Keep posting about IOTA!


Will do:) thanks for the positive words. Definitely great that you bought on the bottom. Cheers m8

Short term benefits of this news for IOTA holders like myself? If any?

Great update regardless, thanks!

Hello, how do you think, will IOTA be the world's currency or it is jus the way how things can exchange information safetly? They said that total supply of coins is heigh, because only in that case the things to exchange information

hey bud still awaiting my IOTA from the giveaway, however do u have any articles about this being quantum computer proof?