Achain the revolutionary Dapp platform out of China. Official bounty campaign is now live.

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Achain Bounty Campaign

Do you have the skills to create original written articles, video, or graphical content? Are you interested in assisting Achain’s marketing efforts? Then the Achain Bounty Campaign is just for you! Over 35,000 ACT in bounty payouts! Come and earn $ACT.

In the infographic above, bounty payouts are labeled on the right side for each campaign. The campaign is available to each and every individual interested, we welcome all! Achain is seeking journalists, bloggers, video creators, graphic design artists, and all others willing to curate content over-viewing the Achain platform.
In order to register for the campaign, fill in the form at

The Bounty Campaign is broken down into 3 contests:
Video Creation

Article Curation

Infographic Design

Registration & Submission

Registration form HERE:
ALL submissions must be made via twitter by hash-tagging #AchainCampaign and tagging with your video, article, or infographic link in your tweet.

Bounty winners will be announced following the end of the campaign on May 26th. ACT will be distributed within 5–7 business day following the end of the campaign.


achain comp.jpeg

What is Achain?

Achain (ACT) is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems. Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.
The Achain platform has been under development for more than two years now, and has currently deployed more than 50 dApps, and 112 contracts. An intriguing factor of Achain’s protocol is that it boasts an impressive 1000 TPS (Transactions Per Second). This is achieved through a one-of-a-kind RDPoS consensus mechanism, which provides a more efficient transaction performance of the network compared to the others. Moving further into 2018, we will see the blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) scalable network, followed by a proper interconnected network in early 2019.

Unique Infrastructure

Achain had released the three-phase development plan of Singularity — “Smart Contract Network”, Galaxy — “Fork Network”, and Cosmos — “Interconnected Network”.
The first stage is to enhance the Achain network’s security and stability. Smart contracts, digital assets, and sandbox simulations are made available through the methodology of modular design. Sandbox can automatically test and monitor the environment where the newly created smart contracts operate. Thereby they ensure that those contracts run stable and safely within the Achain network.

Achain is now at Galaxy stage where it splits into multiple sub-chains to meet the need for different applications in reality, including insurance, e-documentation, cryptocurrency, record investigation, credit rating, and much more can be fulfilled by sub-chains within an interconnected, low-cost, user-friendly, and customized blockchain network.


I am interested in Achain Bounty Campaign. Can you furnish me regarding $ACT?

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This campaign looks interesting and sounds fun. Will surely participate in this breakthrough campaign.

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