Trustnote - The IOTA of China - First DAG with POW and supernodes. A brand new base layer for the IOT

The time for speculation is over. Bitcoin is stabilizing at its production value. Now is the time where true innovation can shine and develop from the ashes of the speculative gravestone that was left behind after the Bitcoin run-up that ended in January of 2018.

What is the baselayer that is needed to develop the next generation decentralized applications?

The future of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) lies in the hands of the DAG. A Directed Acyclic Graph is the counterpart to the blockchain and solves scalablility, high fees, long confirmation times and third party interference.

Why we should not overlook the chinese market and its rapidly growing innovations.

There are a few cryptocurrency projects out of asia that have the potential to deliver a base layer for all cryptocurrencies.
A counterpart to the so popular DAG based project IOTA is the chinese alternative Trustnote.

What is Trustnote?

Trustnote is a new project out of China. It is the first DAG based cryptocurrency on coinmarketcap that combines a DAG based architecture with POW (Proof of work). We know Nano former Raiblocks which has a tiny amount of POW but for sake of this article i want to focus on a decentralized cryptocurrency.

The two tier consensus mechanism between Mining and Supernodes allows Trustnote to provide a secure and infinitely scalable DAG that solves not only scalability but provides ultra low transaction fees & instant confirmations. Basically combining the best of IOTA, Byteball and Nano into one.

Not only that but Trustnote (TTT) also allows for enterprises to deploy their own smart contracts and decentralized applications. Similar to Ethereum, developers can create their own TRC-20 tokens on Trustnote. TRC-20 was implemented in close refference to the Ethereum implementation ERC-20.

Trustnote has recently partnered with one of the biggest chinese blockchain projects Achain (ACT) to share resources in their pursuit to take over the DLT market with their superior technologies.

Stay tuned for more Trustnote articles and updates in the coming weeks as we love how quickly they are taking over the market.

For your convenience i have attached the TTT whitepaper on Github and social media links.

Trustnote Whitepaper Github:

Trustnote Telegram:

Trustnote Medium:

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