Steem Factory Mining Income Report - 8/11/2017 - Earned $100.22

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Here is the Steem Factory Mining Report for the week ending 8/11/2017. This report details the cryptocurrency mining statistics of our operation.

Weekly Mining Statistics - 8/11/2017

CoinAmount      USDTotal USD
Weekly Subtotal$100.22
Previous Subtotal$2652.43


See the following section to learn how to participate in order to receive an upvote.

How To Buy An Upvote With STEEMFACTORY?

Note: First, you must have a Bitshares DEX account. If you don't have a DEX account, click here to create one.

  1. On the Bitshares DEX, send 50 STEEMFACTORY to pairmike account. In the memo field, put in your Steemit account name.
  2. Upvote this weekly Steem Factory Mining Report
  3. Leave a comment confirming your upvote purchase with your Bitshares account name.
  4. Resteem this post
  5. Note: You must complete all 4 steps above in order to receive an upvote.

We credit Whaleshares with this concept and do not claim to be inventor of this idea.


Upvotes will be given by the @pairmike account. Currently, it has more voting power than the @steemfactory account.


As always, we welcome your feedback. Thanks for your continued support!

Thanks @steemfactory

P.S. We are a proud member of @the50

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"Members of Steemprentice Crowd Guild receive a share of Curation rewards earned by the @steemprentice account paid out monthly."

I can't recall seeing my monthly payments like I used to. What's up with that? If you are no longer adminstering this, then I would like to be refunded.


@steemfactory is not affiliated with steemprentice.

50 Steemfactory sent from account gregory-f, resteemed and upvoted.


Upvote granted.

Sent 50 steemfactory to pairmike


upvoted granted.

sent 50 from exp-mine


upvoted granted.

Upvoted, resteemed and 50 steemfactory sent from account gregory-f to pairmike.


Upvote granted.

virtual-growth sent 50 STEEMFACTORY to pairmike


upvoted granted.