Would You Work For A Crypto Company?


The cryptosphere keeps growing and growing and many times you hear that companies are paying their employees in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency rather than actual fiat money. That being said, would you work for crypto as well or would it be too risky for you?

Of course one got to live from something and it might be hard to see your salary increase and decrease all the time but to be honest in case you believe in the cryptosphere that shouldn't be of any issue.

So let me know, would you work for crypto or rather stick to fiat instead?

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Assuming I would be smart enough and the pay was good....I would go for it and put x% every month into metals.

As a big chunk of my income comes from steemit I kind of work for a crpto company already if I think about it...

In a heartbeat, for now,​ I am starting my own blockchain development agency.

I think is worth giving it a shot, of course the market changes and if one gets paid in crypto it might feel like the salary is decreasing, but in the end we're all helping the ecosystem grow and eventually it will pay out. One option is to ask for the payments to be part fiat/part crypto so one can manage the dip when it happens.
Have a great day!

If i was too smart then why not haha

Given the potential of the technology, it would be worth a career change. However, it is tough to only depend on crypto payments as financial obligations are still due mostly in fiat. As the ability to accept crypto payments increase, it will be more viable to receive all salary in crypto.

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