There's Always Some Sun After The Rain!


There's always some sun after the rain and it won't be different for the cryptocurrency market. There'll be some bulls again as no bear market lasts forever.

Actually it seems like Bitcoin wants to test the trendline that's keeping it down the whole year already. In case we break this resistance we might see a nice short squeeze happening that'll push us higher instantly.

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If the come for Bitcoin, every one will follow. (That's for alts)

We all hope that Bitcoin can rise since it affects all crypto actually. After the rain, we hope to see rainbow!

Amen! Great photo and happy Saturday.

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Hey there, noticed that you are a trader and was wondering if you have heard of Digitex tokens. I have written a post on their Digitex's futures platform, the token has been doing pretty well too, would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Yeah, let's hope the sun shining brightly after the rain. :)
While waiting for the 'sun', there is a 'rainbow' to amaze. Have you check the DGTX token? It was created as the native token for Digitex Futures Exchange, the zero fee future trading platform that will be launched on Q4 this year.

They are doing around 600,000 airdrop available at the end of this year with the detail;
1000 DGTX token each will go to top 5000 registrants, and the top 10 will get 100,000 DGTX!

In case you are interest to get the early access, just signing up there. :)

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