The Year Is Coming To It's End. Q4 Started!


The year 2018 is coming to it's end and just as last year many people think that the last quarter will be the best of all just like last year. So does that mean we are getting to see another bull run to happen within the next 3 months?

I mean I would be happy to see it happening but due to the long lasting bear market I'm kinda of the opinion that a break through 10k for BTC would already be a huge success after all.

Nonetheless let me know what you think.
Will we see another bull run in 2018?

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Exactly what I was explaining to @newageinv earlier today. There just might be a chance that we may not see a bull run this year, and I feel that if we get close enough to 10k at all, it is a win. from the past charts, BTC has been shown to remain at lows point for a prolonged period of time, and i don't think 2018 is too special to not be that year. However, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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