The World Is A Small Place!

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago


Just today I've met a guy from argentinia who's travelling europe and hence quite unhappy about the recent drop in value of the peso. Most amazing though is that he told me he bought into Bitcoin right away afterwards to diversify at least a bit and be safe from other crazy drops like the most recent ones.

It's really cool to hear stories like that as they reconfirm the reasons I believe so much into cryptocurrency. They are actually the reason to make me believe into them even more than evee before.

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Right, indeed. All of the fiats have the same problem.

It is a good way to avoid losing money, in Venezuela there’s few people who get to do that but most of them made it out of the country in a good financial state

yes... world is a small place

Yep, I think we got in at the early stages. Kind of like buying MSFT back in 1985 at ten cents per share ;) At least I hope :)

Thanks for sharing @steembusiness ;)

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Indeed. I have met many South Americans here in China that have moved here as they feel their economies have collapsed and have little faith in their local currency. Right now there are several countries across South America and Europe that look to be in huge trouble economically which I believe will result in further demand for BTC/Crypto.