The Future Is Bright!

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago


Ever had any doubt about the future of cryptocurrency? I did but only on the short term perspective or in general on so many shitcoins.

It's almost a given fact to me that some coins will survive and be worth lots more than they are today. I somehow doubt that it'll be a POW coin though as they are really wasting a lot of energy that could be saved by using other systems.

I see a bright future ahead of us. Do you as well & if yes, any specific tokens in mind?

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Long term future is bright in my opinion.
Real Crypto projects are finally coming to the market and we finally some mass markets app kicking in (EOS Knights, STEEM Monsters...).
In addition, crypto friendly markets are building a positive regulation (Japan, South Korea, Switzerland...).
I am very positive.

I had a feeling during the early part of the year that we'd have a major shakeout. I'm a long term believer in cryptos.

lets hope its not in POW. you know what didn't interest me back when it was being talked about a lot, IOTA. it was impressive use with the tangle making other people do the confirmations themselves if they wanted to transfer. its all interesting and its all gunna be a mystery on which gets adopted first!

Gridcoin, it's proof of stake and rewards people for processing scientific tasks on their computer or smartphone.

Solarcoin is another "bright" one ☀️😉

I had no doubts and finally my shitcoins got sold after weeks. I must be grateful and never do the same mistake again hhh You can never predict the market and one day you will see it green even after months of waiting :) I made this meme some days ago when I was really frustrated!