The Crypto Market Is A Rollercoaster...

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago


The picture of a Bitcoin riding in a rollercoaster is probably well known to everyone who's involved into the crypto market for some time already. Unfortunately it's the truth no matter how funny the picture looks like and we seem to be on a long long ride downwards right now...

Still I don't worry as I'm still convinced that cryptocurrency will have a great future. Okay, at least some of them as many altcoins will most likely still die within 2018 or let's say I hope many of those shitcoins will finally die within 2018.

That being said I believe in a new swing upwards whenever all those crappy tokens are off the market, because supply will be lower and hence money will more likely flow into the remaining solid cryptos instead.

What's your opinion?

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No truer analogy has been spoken.

Ready for the way up now ahah

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I want 3k usd btc-price before the next bull... Sounds like the early xmas :D