Steem Will Be Successful Through Teamwork!


Teamwork, that's what'll make steem more valuable and successful in the longrun. But what does that mean? Well in my opinion it's quite simple as I believe that everyone of us can participate along the way to make steem become great.

Some of us can code and launch projects that bring value to the whole ecosystem, while others are great speakers and could promote steem on public events or the people they meet on a daily basis. Even if you just participate on the platform on daily basis and mention it on your social media profiles you're putting in a bit to make steem more known to the world.

It's not what you do in the end but the sum of all actions we take to spread the world and make this amazing place become more user friendly and awesome :)

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I joined steemit recently and have been seeing a lot of teamwork taking place here. It's decentralized nature makes it easy to understand peoples interest & what drives them. More teamwork? I think it's a good idea.

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It is the sum of all actions that will make the reaction even greater!

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