No Crypto No More For Me On Sundays!


Cryptocurrency is taking so much time from my days sometimes that I made the decision to not touch the topic at all on sundays except for my daily steem post of course :P

It's just getting too much to deal with cryptocurrency all the time as it's not the most important thing in my life for sure. Further I'm anyways positioned for a long term hodl with some solid coins so I sometimes don't even know why I'm worried or still checking on the happenings in the space all the time.

Maybe I'm just addicted to it in some way. Do you sometimes feel the same?

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Yup I agree 100% so hard to not think about it for a day. With thousands of different projects it’s hard to stay straight on the things that really matter such and family and real life

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Yes you are addicted and so are we :D It is very difficult to spend 48 hours without checking Crypto-News or Steemit. Instead of marijuana everybody is buying coins lately :P

This Knight has been thinking this for a while SB. Steeming and crypto is becoming a 24/7 job. As enjoyable as it is - it can't be good for us.

I have noticed that @penguinpablo takes weekends off. A good example to follow one thinks.


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