I Won't Look At My Portfolio For Some Time!

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago


It's about time to just not check my crypto portfolio anymore. At least for some more days as it's nothing else as depressing or rather said stressful in some way.

A really nice day can so easily be ruined by a glimpse at your portfolio in the evening. But anyways I wouldn't sell at those lows.

I believe in crypto, I believe in steem and that's why I'll be able to sit tight through the lows and celebrate the next rally ;)

What do you think? Could you stop looking at your portfolio for some time?

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This is definately the time to stop looking at our portfolios...everybody should do that..not only when prices are plunging, but in general..It's when people check all the time the mass hysteria starts..
Set your strategy and targets, and stick to them! I'm in for the long run...don't care about daily ups and downs, because cryptos are the future, and patience will be rewarded👍


My mindset is refocusing on the 3, 5 and 10 year outlook.

I say I will not look. Hours later... more declines. :P

I give 10% probability that I will not look during my upcoming vacation.

I know its in the red. All I did was buy some more and ignore the price. I am considering deleting Blockfolio but its nice to have a quick update with just one click.

Time will sort this out

These are the worst moments ever for anyone involved in cryptocurrency, . It makes me sick in the stomach to look at the valueof my holdings right now, but time is a healer and it will heal he crypto market as well

I believe it is important to check the price movement only once a day to see the direction of the market.

Which comes down, it must also go up.

honestly I don't need to look at my portfolio. I'm glad to enjoy the moment without looking back. Well congrats for what you've done till now.

This is the BEST TIME to LEARN. Stop focusing on price, and start focusing on everything else about crypto or finance in general. Learn charts + technical analysis, learn the tech so your bullshit detector gets better, start mining or learn about mining since miners represent a huge facet of crypto and can affect price, learn about other markets if you're not already investing in other asset classes...there are lots of things you can do other than just putting your head into the sand. But generally do anything other than focus on price.

Hodling and filling up the bags is hands down the easiest way to make a fortune in crypto! Esspecialy when there is blood on the streets...

I noticed my habit of looking at portfolios recently. I am sick. Why do I do this every hour?

It's particularly sad because I had the opportunity of selling before the dip but didn't.
Now I can't even check the charts.

Yes I can. But I can relate as many years ago it was a challenge to not check 2 or 3 times a day with my Stocks.

I have diversified with Steem and the Steemit platform. I usually check on the price Steem once a day if that.

But mainly Iam focused on the Platform here and trying to write decent Content on an everyday basis

P.S. Btw @steembusiness, I have been a part of @thealliance for about 5 months now. And I was going thru the recent List of all our Members ( @inthenow had a Post from last week or two of this). That's how I came upon you just going down this List :)

Sorry ,I did not find you sooner ;)

Yes just Sit Back and Relax nothing to Worry About. @steembusiness I am just Grateful that guys like you UP Vote my Content Everyday...............