HF20 Testnet Went Live!

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago


The HF20 is coming closer and closer. Just recently steemit announced a testnet for everyone to use in order to be able to adapt their projects respectively before the changes go live to keep service interruptions to a minimum.

I'm really curious how it'll play out in the end, especially for bid bots as I would really like to see them vanish from the chain completely to get back to the original human curation instead.

Read the details on @steemitblog and let me know what you think about the HF20, your expectations and fears.

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I think the HF 20 transition is going to be smooth...
This is where test net and pitch fork comes in. A mirror dimension to test everything without effecting the real world.

What is your perspective with bit bots with the hard fork on the way.