Everyone Still Here?

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

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Another hit went through the market and it seems to me like more and more blood is on the streets. Further msm seems to pick up the crypto topic once again, which might hopefully lead to a small rally.

Regardless of whatever will happen I'll stay strong and loyal to crypto. It gave me a lot and I've been able to meet so many great people on steem. Whatever the price might be I see myself as a winner already.

What about you? Will you stay loyal to crypto no matter the price?

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Whenever I can trade cryptocurrency at the right price! 😞

I am going to stay on steemit regarding the price of steem.

I'm writing about the markets here on Steemit, no matter the price. I also stated that when I started blogging here ;)

I am here and for a long time. Keep the faith, trust the process!