Cryptocurrency Daily Snapshot - 2017-09-27

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Daily Snapshot

Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap: $142,136,956,411
24 Hour Volume: $3,211,929,903

Graph: 24 hour percent change for top market cap coins (plus STEEM)

Biggest Winners: Market Cap Total Gains

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Bitcoin (BTC)$4103.65$68,079,225,074$2,302,196,016.99 (3.5%)
Ripple (XRP)$0.20592$7,896,032,327$880,454,959.66 (12.55%)
Ethereum (ETH)$298.035$28,266,867,091$431,448,980.70 (1.55%)
NEO (NEO)$33.074$1,653,700,000$339,466,510.37 (25.83%)
Zcash (ZEC)$290.127$659,997,837$136,439,343.49 (26.06%)

Biggest Winners: Percentage Gains

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Environ (ENV)$4.1e-05$5,439$4,866.52 (850.2%)
XP (XP)$1.7e-05$2,527,062$2,041,182.14 (420.1%)
Revenu (REV)$0.03641$43,537$34,574.50 (385.75%)
Arcade Token (ARC)$3.7192$6,977,022$5,169,924.75 (286.09%)
Dimecoin (DIME)$1.3e-05$6,950,093$4,765,009.85 (218.07%)

Biggest Losers: Market Cap Total Losses

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Kyber Network (KNC)$1.54878$213,724,825$-67,196,343.62 (-23.92%)
020LondonCoin (020)$1e-06$15,643,526$-12,421,644.45 (-44.26%)
808Coin (808)$0.00135$123,207,539$-12,200,240.96 (-9.01%)
Blocknet (BLOCK)$20.5917$91,999,103$-8,546,364.77 (-8.5%)
Populous (PPT)$2.48757$102,617,850$-7,925,993.55 (-7.17%)

Biggest Losers: Percentage Losses

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Gapcoin (GAP)$5.6e-05$651$-49,799.94 (-98.71%)
CoEval (COE)$5.07263$216,956$-1,358,616.49 (-86.23%)
Master Swiscoin (MSCN)$0.00232$100,809$-319,404.38 (-76.01%)
MikeTheMug (MUG)$0.00156$1,561$-4,655.27 (-74.89%)
C-Bit (XCT)$0.00081$127,351$-342,058.80 (-72.87%)

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