Cryptocurrency Daily Snapshot - 2017-09-24

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Daily Snapshot

Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap: $129,279,969,379
24 Hour Volume: $2,137,196,474

Graph: 24 hour percent change for top market cap coins (plus STEEM)

Biggest Winners: Market Cap Total Gains

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Ethereum (ETH)$285.360$27,051,674,791$608,199,921.98 (2.3%)
Bytom (BTM)$0.10149$100,177,539$31,487,509.52 (45.84%)
Dash (DASH)$350.471$2,655,432,201$22,903,004.01 (0.87%)
MCAP (MCAP)$2.85026$109,152,534$19,543,689.03 (21.81%)
ChainLink (LINK)$0.17142$59,997,350$13,538,197.14 (29.14%)

Biggest Winners: Percentage Gains

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
PX (PX)$0.00037$33,340$23,207.29 (229.03%)
Debitcoin (DBTC)$0.00523$94,208$53,005.93 (128.65%)
Kobocoin (KOBO)$0.02804$692,718$374,358.95 (117.59%)
Universal Cur... (UNIT)$0.01491$194,601$100,862.34 (107.6%)
Mineum (MNM)$0.02577$243,213$125,684.69 (106.94%)

Biggest Losers: Market Cap Total Losses

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Bitcoin (BTC)$3716.38$61,635,511,934$-875,149,256.66 (-1.4%)
IOTA (IOT)$0.51883$1,442,103,697$-52,149,434.27 (-3.49%)
Litecoin (LTC)$47.6825$2,530,886,401$-36,716,724.69 (-1.43%)
OmiseGO (OMG)$8.70155$855,466,992$-34,717,182.84 (-3.9%)
GXShares (GXS)$1.89572$76,795,617$-28,375,044.54 (-26.98%)

Biggest Losers: Percentage Losses

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Future Digita... (FDC)$3.5e-05$96$-2,610.44 (-96.44%)
E4ROW (E4ROW)$0.01428$59,817$-684,177.87 (-91.96%)
CageCoin (CAGE)$4e-06$404,673$-1,647,422.60 (-80.28%)
Cthulhu Offer... (OFF)$0.01046$27,440$-62,911.64 (-69.63%)
Litecoin Plus (LCP)$0.08924$35,885$-59,884.30 (-62.53%)

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