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Had some issues getting all the data for this morning's "Crypto Winners and Losers" post, so I figured I'd do another full version tonight (especially since it's been such a roller coaster of a day for crypto prices)

The Heavy Hitters

24 Hour Percentage Changes for the top 5 market caps (and STEEM!)

Biggest Winners: Market Cap Total Gains

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
OBITS (OBITS)$2.13963$35,177,014$6,200,890.47 (21.4%)
CloakCoin (CLOAK)$9.59426$48,385,662$5,916,021.04 (13.93%)
Bitcoin Plus (XBC)$209.890$20,530,413$5,893,015.98 (40.26%)
LEOcoin (LEO)$0.58273$49,895,327$5,783,111.51 (13.11%)
SuperNET (UNITY)$41.1804$33,605,718$5,526,073.93 (19.68%)

Biggest Winners: Percent Gains

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Breakout Stake (BRX)$0.77380$4,850,249$2,400,256.84 (97.97%)
MetalCoin (METAL)$0.00475$365,754$150,768.97 (70.13%)
SmileyCoin (SMLY)$4.81672$1,250,433$472,800.37 (60.8%)
AmberCoin (AMBER)$0.00726$317,176$117,581.30 (58.91%)
Scorecoin (SCORE)$0.00091$15,517$5,472.87 (54.49%)

Biggest Losers: Market Cap Total Losses

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
Ethereum (ETH)$253.668$23,545,566,236$-3,041,568,176.85 (-11.44%)
Bitcoin (BTC)$2433.51$39,941,442,981$-1,358,777,245.45 (-3.29%)
Ripple (XRP)$0.24892$9,531,700,362$-855,941,706.47 (-8.24%)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)$18.2443$1,696,518,034$-145,321,108.30 (-7.89%)
Litecoin (LTC)$38.5126$1,992,262,866$-125,588,591.43 (-5.93%)

Biggest Losers: Percent Losses

CoinPriceMarket CapMarket Cap Change
ShadowCash (SDC)$0.06434$429,568$-586,439.95 (-57.72%)
PopularCoin (POP)$1.40668$47,135$-45,504.24 (-49.12%)
UCoin (U)$0.01032$27,765$-23,424.20 (-45.76%)
Virtacoin (VTA)$1.59401$82,418$-64,652.32 (-43.96%)
Cannacoin (CCN)$0.04217$198,139$-136,216.56 (-40.74%)
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I wanted to reup in STEEM but I'm virtually tapped out in currencies and I wasnt about to cash out on a losing crop. I need to ensure I have a ready reserve of fiat deposited for days like today :(


damn you hit it right on the money, exactly how i felt all day.

Thanks for this report, Steem on!


No problem! Check back daily for reports like this


How about a summary and prediction in addition to your wonderful graphs...... SOB DO MORE WORK!... Lol jk

I'm in it for the long run, in several different cryptos.

thanks for your post!

What data viz tool did you use ? tableau? Any possibility of publishing it as an interactive report?

Awesome info thank you!!!

Breakout, breaks out again!

Great post .upvoted

Appreciate the information update!

I personally think most of them will all fly up in the next couple of years and then some time around 2020 I think a certain few will flourish and will be used almost daily by the majority of people, like the Internet was around the early 2000's