The Top Crypto Cannabis Coins and the Future of Marijuana.

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Hello Steemians,

Earlier today I shared a post titled "Monsanto Marijuana? Say it isn't so! George Soros, Bayer, and Monsanto attempt to monopolize and kill the weed industry"

I also wanted to share some crypto coins that I feel will be excellent short and especially long term investments that also support the cannabis industry. Currently there are four weed coins.

The first being The Hempcoin (THC) which focuses less on the recreational smoking of cannabis but more about the freedom and usage of hemp in general. Hempcoin states they are committed to donating to hemp research and legalization. So this is a great way to invest and support the hemp and cannabis industry as a whole, especially as the industry is being attacked and corporations and entities like Bayer pharmaceuticals, Monsanto, and George Soros attempt to monopolize and exploit it.

The Hempcoin (THC) is definitely a crypto coin I will be supporting.

DQmbFkFrsV7c7nsNLgAkYuNQh8ys1DoNJMnbbgongVpEmc9.gif Checkout The Hempcoin (THC) steemit!

The other three coins are Cannabiscoin, Dopecoin, and POTcoin which are more about the recreational and medical usage of marijuana which I will talk more about below.

It really makes sense to me that these specific usage coins will hang around for the long term especially as more people get into cryptos and more cannabis shops throughout the country start adopting their use for payments.

A recent article from the cannabist reports on an article from JUN 19, 2017 by Jennifer Kaplan, Bloomberg

"Two years ago, the Seattle-based company put terminals into dispensaries in Washington. Within six months, however, banks shut them down, citing too much risk, said Greg Lambrecht, founder and CEO. Singlepoint had considered using bitcoin at that time, but the currency wasn’t well known, he said. That’s changed, and Singlepoint now expects retailers to begin testing its new product over the next two months. “It’s not foreign to them now, like some sort of weird scam that they don’t know about,” he said. “More and more establishments are accepting it, but it’s kind of like the wild, wild west.”

I decided to check online myself and found a weed delivery shop in Las Vegas called Las Vegas Emerald Essence. According to their website they now accept POTcoin as a form of payment so it looks like its starting to gain acceptance.

Here is a screenshot and link below

So although not all shops have embraced the usage of these digital currencies yet it looks like more may be adopting them soon. Nobody knows for sure what the future holds for these cannabis and hemp coins but I will definitely be paying attention and making them at least a small part of my investment portfolio. I've also noticed that you can stake POTcoin and DOPEcoin simply by storing your coins with their wallets. U5dtiERsyFLkcbMtEzuepPVxgd8cAnf_1680x8400.png

Although there was recent some profit taking after the last pump up in price in POTcoin from the recent news of Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea where he was wearing POTcoin apparel it seems the word is getting out. IMG_7221.jpg

I'm not necessarily saying Rodman is the reason to buy in on some of these coins but it definitely shows that more people are taking notice lol. GettyImages-695360204.jpg

Might not be a bad idea to get in on some of these recent dips in price if you missed your chance last time. I would imagine once these coins do start being used more widely in stores the prices will begin to rise back up. Below is the most recent chart for POTcoin and Cannabis Coin from Bittrex.
POTcoin Chart
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.32.16 PM.png
Cannabis Chart
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 3.45.45 PM.png

I plan on making updates for these marijuana coins and other crypto coins as they come so please be sure to follow, upvote, comment, and resteem. Thank you for reading :)


Seems like great market for cryptos to fill especially currently with teh federal banking blockade.

Wow, this is fascinating!

I have a question though: why does the industry need its own coins? Why not just accept Bitcoin and leave it at that? Seems easier than making people exhange their BTC into whatever specific coin they're taking.

I'm new to crypto and really want to get into trading and long-term saving, so I'm just curious.

BTC's transaction fees are relatively high and confirmation times have been very slow.

I heard about the slow speeds....if these cannabis coins are faster, does that also mean they're less secure? Not entirely sure how their blockchain tech would differ..?

I'm in Potcoin...I've made 7X gains so far... Good post! Check out my blog and enjoy the post about harvesting herb!

wow... I never knew any of this existed. I totally feel like i have been living under a rock!

The crypto world is definitely fascinating and only growing :). If you ever need some advice on how to get started feel free to ask me any questions. There's also a lot of resources on steemit. You might like my other past posts on weed coins and information on bitcoin.

Thanks. I followed you so... i also sent your link to a friend who has been sending his steem to other coins...

To the point when i mentioned crypto currency to my 65 year old mother she started talking to me about blockchain and giving me a lesson and im like what the heck mom.. and its sad i have a degree in IT..

thanks... i have been googling for days now

Nice piece on some groovy coins maaaaaan. Lol but seriously thanks for letting me know about hempcoin, that's what I'm most passionate about, since hemp is pretty much a miracle plant capable of creating anything from clothes to fuel to excellent nutrition. Oh yea and paper that doesn't yellow. Oh yea and mega strong ropes. Oh yea and...

Hemp is seriously magical and can do so much for the world. I wrote a bunch of papers and essays in College about Hemp! I should try to dig those up :) Definitely gonna be buying the dips on these Hemp and cannabis coins.

I'm excited I hope more shops start using this especially in Las Vegas

Just wanted to share guys.. Earn POS Mining rewards while you trade at!

Staking POT.png

on 31st of October Canad might legalize marihuana,does any of this coins can profit on this?or is there any canadian marihuana related project on blockchain???

Interesting post!

I'd like to comment on the Monsanto Marijuana thing, though, as it's not true, it was originally posted on a satirical news site, see this Snopes article:

Snopes isn't a reliable site.

Your comment isn't a reliable site.

Interesting. I recently went to a legal weed store in Seattle that had a point of sale machine where the buyer purchased bitcoin and then transferred it to the shop all in one swoop. At least thats how I think it works. Its fascinating to learn more about it Thanks for posting.

Which shop was it?

Great comparison on all of these coins.

Excellent post! i'm going to have to check your Monsanto Marijuana post... that would be a nightmare to the cannabis industry. I actually just posted a video on dtube about marijuana crypocurrency. Here's a link:

Interesting. I like the idea. For medical use payment wise would be very simple and im sure alot of pot smokers would want in on this.