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Hello Friends

I am glad to bring Weku to your notice. Weku is an amazing social platform where you enjoy decentralized system.

In the past times, we have witnessed many platform where we all contributed and at the end we got nothing to show for it. We exhausted out time, we exhausted our efforts and most annoyingly, we exhausted our data on courses that gives us little or no benefit than fun.

Weku is a social platform where everyone gets rewarded on your every activities you performed.
None of your original articles is wasted on Weku, you will definitely earn on dropping original contents.
Weku is also a crypto currency that can be use in exchange for good, services and other valuable coins. Weku Just came to existence few months ago and the token sales will be early November. It is of huge advantage that you are knowing this now so when the sales is on point, you can invest.
Weku is also a social platform where you interact, chat, comment and make new friends all over the globe.
Join this system today and become one of its early memebers.
Click on this link and join.... For easy registration

Nigerians should use any sim exempt Mtn for easy registration.


Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! We encourage and support quality contents and projects from the West African region.
Do you have a suggestion, concern or want to appear as a guest author on WAfrica, join our discord server and discuss with a member of our curation team.
Don't forget to join us every Sunday by 20:30GMT for our Sunday WAFRO party on our discord channel. Thank you.

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