sonm coin (snm) has up 80% from my last post... cheers .

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I said I was bullish about sonm . it has gained 80% from that time .

my last post about sonm :

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 1.14.25 AM.png

I think its just the start it will continue going up...

images (4).jpeg

image :

it can pump hard in the consensus time .... and lots of news will be declared that time . after that masternode , livenet also waiting for push it hard . first target 1$ then 5$ .

I am not financial adviser , do your own researse before investing, its just my opinion .
thank you.


80% is a good number! If you can profit that much in such a short time then you can become a millionaire in no time. :)

Yes you got the point....

SONM is a great project that I am extremely bullish on for the long-term.

This is one out of the two SUPERCOMPUTERS (GOLEM). What they are creating is the first of its kind. They offer IAAS, machine learning, GPUs for mining, Web-hosting, etc.

If they pull of this project which so far they have been doing a tremendous job on keeping up with their roadmap which GOLEM has failed at times throughout their journey, SONM will be at a nice premium in the future.

SONM also has a great team from Russia which I love because they are always sticking with their word. That's one important factor of a team... DO THEY DELIVER? and Yes SONM does. And they are paying top dollars to be at the 2018 consensus which is easily above 100,000 to have a title. 🚀🚀🚀

Thanks for adding value , another thing is snm is highly undervalued coin, maketcap is still too low compair to golem.

Of course, great share! SONM is definitely a coin worth to HODL. Lots of room for growth. @spower

In my opinion, SONM might be very interesting. If this trend will not drastically drop, it can be something like ETC, it's maybe too big word but i'm hopeful.

Great info
Will check out the coin
Seems to be a good prospect

Yes , sonm is a good project. Low cerculating , still low in marketcap,hoghly undervalued .

Excellent information I did not know anything about that project, you have to take it into account to analyze and invest.

Where is SONM traded? Its not on Poloniex. Thats really the only one I trade on

Thanks. What is you thoughts on DGB. I having been stocking up on that for long HODL

dgb is good.... but u need to update your exchanger and coins. new new coins are doing well old coins are under performing.

Thanks. I will look into this. What exchange do you recommend?

Thanks. I will look into this. What exchange do you recommend?

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