Community and Cryptocurrency

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

The thing about Cryptocurrency is that it is all about community. That's what we're building here, and that's what I've been a part of building at Compumatrix, as well. The value that the community places for itself and it's cryptocurrency, determines the value of the coin. We have learned that the hard way at Compumatrix. And bit by bit, we've learned how to turn that around.

We now have a viable system about to burst open to newcomers. I feel, as do most Compumatrix members, I'm sure, that our company will change the face of Cryptocurrency and the way the world works. We are committed to seeing our system through to completion, and are very excited to soon be able to open it up to the world! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more about Compumatrix! We are here, caring and sharing, with the intent to shape and change the world!


Community is key!!! We're going to have a lot pf happy we're on the Compumatrix Ship together ❤