Initiative Q // Could This Be Crypto's Successor?

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Initiative Q

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When I first read about Initiative Q, I wasn't entirely sure what it was. I kind of assumed it was another cryptocurrency however I quickly learned that is not the case. Initiative Q is an initiative to create a global payment/currency network. I know you're saying right now, "But Spencer that is exactly what cryptocurrency is... and you're right. However something that Initiative Q has mentioned is that crypto hasn't quite succeeded at that yet. Do I think it's an overall failure? No Do I think Q has a point? Yes.

If you look at the facts, right now the world largely looks down on crypto. It's seen as a scam, a drug dealing network, a backless token, a host for ponzi schemes. There's so much negative energy around crypto, how can it ever make it mainstream to something like payment processors inside of stores at this rate? It's definitely possible but it has a lot of cleaning up and acting right to do.

There are many great platforms built on blockchain technology, such as our very own Steem! Steem has many practical uses, however will it ever make it to something like the MasterCard network? We may never know. Initiative Q is interesting. It's an attempt to bring a mainstream modern currency and transaction network to us. And it's starting off on the right foot. You can read more about their economic model here.

Initiative Q is giving out stake to anyone who signs up. It's kind of a way for them to say, "we'll give you some stake in Q that will benefit you heavily if this goes mainstream, in exchange for you spreading the word." I'm an entrepreneur, and anything that seems like it could be a logical move I will probably go for. And I suggest you do the same. If it never makes it mainstream so what, at least you can say you hopped on board! After all, aren't we all rooting for cryptocurrency anyways? However this is a good idea and a good initiative, so go ahead and snag yourself some Q anyways! It's a win-win!

Get your Q here:

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I already have my Q, I don't know what to do with that.


Just hold onto it and keep up with the Q news! Perhaps some day it could be worth thousands!

Just signed up by your invitation. Thanks!


No problem! Let’s hope it amounts to something! 😁