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A Busy Month

December has been an extremely busy month for HUSH. We’ve published the white paper on HushList, authored by David Mercer (radix42) and Duke Leto, detailing the technical specifications for our zk-snarks communications layer. This will be portable to other projects following the implementation on Hush.

In parallel, the development of the HushNG UI (lead by Matt Reichardt) continues which will serve as the messenger, wallet and miner platform all-in-one.

We’ve also reorganized the team. There was community discontent over progress, and a temporary halt during a week of uncertainty. Ensuing chaos lead to the removal of certain community members who were gaming the system and taking advantage of the best intentions of other community and team members.

As a result we’ve also removed the ‘Lead’ designation to allow more contributors to participate simultaneously. The resulting progress has been significant with new initiatives in marketing, design, community and core development. Hush is now a hydra, there is no single leader and we embrace nonlinear dynamics.


We migrated to CloudFlare for DDoS protection

Madbuda is working on extending hushd to be compatible with Bitcore, this allows HUSH to be used with services like BitPay, Copay, Streamium. In addition to this, insight-api will provide a simple gateway for companies to accept HUSH as payment.
Third-party messaging is also a possible feature with this extension of hushd, allowing for example the chat box on your website to be on the HUSH blockchain via HUSH Explorer API.
These features are something no other Zcash fork has for the moment but with Madbuda's work would be possible for all of the forks.

We are glad to announce that the new HUSH website will be released within the next day, you will find it here.

The developers behind the new website are: Luge who has been doing the web design, Demartini who is taking care of front-end development, Matt who did the back-end development.
The new website covers a new design and will also include road map and whitepaper early 2018 when these are complete.
It will also include a BarterDex page and an Agama page, we are very thankful for this work written by clamoring.

HushNG and HushList

The HUSH Next-Generation is an all-in-one platform that includes HUSH Private Messenger, HUSH Wallet, GUI Miner and Asset Issuance. HushNG is a high-speed messaging, transaction and asset platform for the blockchain.

With HushList you can communicate via Hush transactions, you can send messages to several people simultaneously, allowing for encrypted mailing-list style messaging.
HushList supports any ZEC fork like HUSH, KMD, ZCL, ZEN and the upcoming BTCP.
You can read more about HushList by following Duke's Twitter. You can find more detailed information in the whitepaper and later at HUSH Website.

Core Team

The core development team consists of three members: Duke Leto, Larry Ludlow and Matthew Reichardt who have been part of the project for some time.

David 'Radix42' Mercer is now contributing upstream of the core development team, working hard to improve Zcash GUI wallets which will be merged into Hush core when complete. David remains a wealth of knowledge to the project as his work on Zcash and other projects informs and guides Hush development. A heartfelt thanks from the Hush community for his efforts in getting Hush to where it is.

Lastly, Kent Sommers has opted to remain a contributor of HUSH, albeit from outside the core title. His work on HushNG, TLS and deterministic builds, and Zcash upstream integrations is invaluable to the project.

The HUSH Core Team is rounded out with Iolar (Demartini), TheTrunk, Luge, Axel, SparkIt, Karlsson, and Tamsin Thorn (clamoring).

  • Iolar (Demartini) is the front-end developer of HUSH.

  • TheTrunk is a new team member of HUSH and is working with Infrastructure and Community. He created the original web wallet, managed some bitcore ports and is working on a new explorer.

  • Luge is the designer of HUSH, working on the site, HushNG, and various network and wallet properties with Matt and Iolar among others.

  • Axel 'SparkIt' Karlsson is a member of the HUSH team again after being away from the Community Manager role for two months. Axel will work on communication with the members of HUSH and the communication between Core Members of HUSH.

  • Tamsin Thorn ‘clamoring’ is heading up the technical writing for Hush. Tamsin has deep experience in encryption and network engineering and a healthy interest in cryptocurrency. Her experience translating dev jargon to management-speak allows her to explain very technical content to non-technical audiences. Welcome Tamsin.

  • Enormous contributions from the community continue to roll in. We would be nowhere without the growing support of all the Hushies. This is a community project and thrives as a result of everyone’s participation.

Moving Forward

The HUSH Team has been doing vast amounts of work to move Hush in the right direction. Our development is more active than ever and community interaction has been made a main priority. The next few weeks we are concentrating on closing out some development tasks, re-launching and releasing v.1.0.13 (which will include: deterministic builds, secure nodes and updated default peers).

We have re-evaluated our approach in applying to exchanges and starting to see some serious traction. Applications will be sent after v1.0.13 has been released. Our most recent application is with the Binance Community Coin of the Month-voting.

To stay caught up with the HUSH Team, please visit our new Community Dashboard, join our Discord Channel and follow @myhushteam on Twitter.

Thank you for your support as we steer HUSH through these exciting times and aim for some planet far, far away!


Website ~ Bitcointalk Thread ~ Block Explorer ~ Config Generator ~ Market Cap ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Discord ~ Reddit ~ GitHub


Awesome work @sparkit! Bring HUSH to Steemit so we can use the messaging system to chat to one another. Sending crypto via messenger would be every a greater added bonus! :)

Memo-field messaging has been enabled in ZEN since summer. It is possible as of this moment to send encrypted messages in ZEN, including whisteblowers, journalists and sensitive data cases.
Have you found a way to reduce zk-snarks computational cost to make it possible to be used via explorer? If not how's your implementation any different?

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