How to Mine DeepOnion with x13 Algo

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to mine ONION tokens on the x13 algorithm. Mining is the process of using computing hardware in order to solve sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms come in the form of “blocks” that help verify transactions on the network. For participating in mining, you’re rewarded with ONION tokens. The more powerful processing power you have, the more coins you’ll mine.

The following will show you how to GPU mine with NVIDIA graphics cards on Windows 10. There will be links at the bottom for AMD cards also. The process is similar, but different files need to be installed. This coin is technically CPU mineable, but will net you negative returns due to low processing power compared to GPUs. It is not recommended.


  1. Make sure you have a fully-functional DeepOnion wallet. How-to set this up can be found here
  2. Download and install the latest NVIDIA drivers from here
    a. You can either choose your drivers specifically, or there is an auto detect system
  3. Download and install OpenCL from here
    a. Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2016 R3 is the full featured setup, but choose accordingly
    b. AMD CPUs might throw and error during install, but in most cases you can continue the installation
    i. If you can NOT continue install, Google search your type of system + “OpenCL drivers”
  4. Download and extract CCMiner 2.0 here
    a. Choose 32 or 64 bit
    b. Program is a standalone product, after extraction, simply cut and paste the extracted folder/files to a directory of your choosing.


  1. Open CCMiner directory.
  2. Right click in the folder > New > Text Document
    a. You can type DeepOnion as the description of the text document
  3. Open text document and simply copy these two lines of script:

ccminer-x64.exe -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// –u " WALLET ADDRESS" -p c=ONION


  1. ccminer-x64.exe is assuming you’re using a 64 bit ccminer application. Look in the directory for your exact executable
  2. Replace "WALLET ADDRESS" with your ONION address. This can be found in your DeepOnion Wallet under “Receive coins”. Right click and copy address.
  3. This is to mine via kawaiipool’s pool. Currently this is the only pool for ONION. If you wish to solo mine, you’ll have to direct to localhost:18580
    a. Solo mining is NOT recommended unless you have a large GPU rig available. Pool mining will net the average user substantially more ONION

Saving .bat File

  1. Once you’ve added your lines of text and modified for your needs, click File > Save As >
  2. Under File Name, type DeepOnion.bat
  3. Under “Save as type”, hit the down arrow and click “All Files (.)”
  4. Click “Save”

You are now setup to mine DeepOnion on x13 algorithm. Simply double click the saved DeepOnion.bat file and get to mining! Any errors you find might be due to incorrect drivers. Make sure you have the latest drivers and OpenCL application downloaded.

AMD Links:

SGMiner w/ x13 Mod

SGMiner Script:

sgminer.exe -k x13 -o stratum+tcp:// –u < WALLET ADDRESS> -p c=ONION

some may have to use x13mod

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Thanks for the tutorial, but in my case i have to add the command under radeon into:

sgminer.exe -k x13mod -o stratum+tcp:// –u < WALLET ADDRESS> -p c=ONION



Thank you! I edited the post.


Guys, when I try to download CC Miner it says it's a virus ...


most mining software is flagged as a virus on windows

uhh, it needed 30 min to find the error ...
In sgminer.exe -k x13 -o stratum+tcp:// –u < WALLET
is a long "-" sign before the "u"
So if you copy and paste, you will get an error.
Mining still doesn't work, but i have at least one error less :)

Edit: Now it works, had to delete the sgminer.conf.

Good tutorial, step by step everything is clear.

Is it possible to mine ONION with USB ASIC Sticks?

could list some pools

Can you help with Mac installation Instructions ?