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If you've missed out on investing into Bitcoin when it was very cheap and don't want to invest into ICO's, well instead of just sitting there, join an airdrop.

The first thought that comes to your mind after hearing that statement is What is an airdrop?.

What is an airdrop?

Let’s start with the definition of a cryptocurrency airdrop. An airdrop is when a blockchain project gives out free tokens to early adopters of the currency.
All you have to do is register usually with a Bitcoin or Ethereum address or email on the airdrop site then after the airdrop and the coin is listed on an exchange you can sell it and earn free money and cryptocurrency.

Why do people give away free tokens?

It might seem like a scam as you are given free tokens but in most cases it's not, most of them give free tokens to raise awareness of their cryptocurrency and to create a community around it also causing the new currency to be appreciated by the public.

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