Brazzers and Pornhub to Accept Verge (XVG) as a Payment Mode

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago  (edited)

In an official announcement by both of these well-known and famous adult sites, they admitted to include Verge (XVG) as a payment mode on their website.

There's a lot of FOMO running on in the market if we talk about this extra-ordinary cryptocurrency. The price goes up and comes down every now and then.

Below is a recently made tweet by the official twitter channel of the most popular adult site known as brazzers.


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Wow!, I've been reading about Pornhub accepting verge but only you have provided something different by mentioning Brazzers too. This is great step that verge is taking.

That's what they are upto these days, maybe they are yet to compete the so-called bunny token :D

Ok!, thanks.