Social Wallet - WIRE Airdrop & Bounty Event for Steem Users (Day 5)

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Social Wallet - Airdrop & Bounty Event (Day 5)

Social Wallet: The Future of Social Media Cryptocurrency Transactions

Social Wallet is a first-to-market platform designed to enable cryptocurrency to be sent easily, quickly, securely, and most importantly, universally, over today’s existing social network infrastructure. No prior setup is needed by the recipient nor any advanced knowledge of the transaction itself.

Social Wallet allows individuals to send cryptocurrency directly on the platform, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and User-to-User on the platform. Through the first fiscal year, we will have 14 of the top 20 social networks in the world integrated. The User Interface has been designed to be sophisticated for the blockchain expert, yet simple enough a novice can immediately navigate the platform. The user does not need to understand blockchain, wallets or deal with long addresses - everything is simplified.

The WIRE-Steem AirDrop and Bounty Program

Social Wallet views Steemit as an amazing platform in which to reach out to social media users who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies and integrate them into what will be an even larger ecosystem.

As you may already know, a while back Social Wallet made an announcement that it would be doing an Airdrop to Steem users. We are now prepared to honor that announcement and would like to explain how the Airdrop and Bounty system works.

We will be monitoring all votes from here until the end of the promotion by utilizing the website:

Tracking is very precise. We will be utilizing Steemd for our calculations by pulling the upvote amount for this promotion. Below is a Steemd screenshot from a previous post of ours showcasing individuals exact upvote details.

To check statistics and see your WIRE adding up click the link below to review our the WIRE airdrop / bounty spreadsheet below:

Spreadsheet coming soon!

From now until May 31st we are going to post once a day. With the same instructions, Steem users who follow these instructions will receive WIRE tokens based on the criteria outlined below:

The Bounty Program (For Whales, Dolphins and Minnows)

1.) We have created a program to calculate the value of your upvote, convert it to a $USD amount, tally the totals from every upvote this daily re-occurring post receives from you, and create a link down below to a spreadsheet where you can track your own progress! (Spreadsheet will be ready in a few days)

2.) Steem users who upvote these posts will be compensated WIRE on a 1:1 USD value. So if you make a $.60 upvote you will get 4 WIRE @ $.15! You can do this everyday until the event ends! We will be pegging the price of all of your upvotes to the Steem & SBD prices on May 31st for the final calculations. This gives the price of Steem a chance to improve in price and gain your more WIRE!

3.) We've made this system so simple to allow Steemians to essentially buy WIRE without having to dish out money!

The Steem Reverse Airdrop (For Minnows, Dolphins and Whales)

As you know airdrops traditionally haven't been very fair to smaller investors. We have decided to change that! Social Wallet has a major focus on social mobility so we thought it would be fitting to do a Reverse Airdrop rather than a traditional one. This means that our airdrop is essentially for the little guys.

We are going to do a 100k WIRE reverse airdrop to Steemians who upvote our post will all be rewarded but the ones with the smallest upvote will get a higher percentage of the free airdrop! We've flipped the numbers upside down so small votes result in big airdrop amounts of WIRE!

1.) Minnows, Dolphins and Whales must upvote this post to receive a proportional amount of WIRE from Social Wallet's reverse airdrop. This is great for Minnows!!!

If you are a Steem whale don't despair! Keep in mind large Steem accounts win 2 ways. They get WIRE from their upvote, and they get WIRE allocation in the form of a free airdrop!

We will be utilizing the same spreadsheet mentioned above to allocate the Reverse Airdrop. (Spreadsheet will be ready in a few days)

Social Wallet and Steem Working Together!

The goals and intentions of Social Wallet and the Steem community could never be more aligned and as a result we would like to invite the Steem community to join our token sale and be a part of a new paradigm in which cryptocurrency and mainstream social media networks unite. The Steem community and its blockchain will play a large role in our future development strategies so stay tuned for many exciting new developments!

Social Wallet - What You Need to Know!

Want to help make a better Steem community? Allow @socialwallet to hold your witness proxy to make the Steem ecosystem better than ever!

Need another option? Try using this simple SteemConnect proxy link!

Give us feedback

Social Wallet is a platform that has specifically been created for our users. We want people who have very few technical skills to have an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency community in an easy and fun way. Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us how we are doing!

Join the Social Wallet Discord chat

Do you have questions left unanswered? Would you like to be part of the Social Wallet community? Take a moment and join our discord room by clicking on the 'Join discord chat' button below!

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Trying not to miss any more days @socialwallet! I want to support this great idea!


You can go back and upvote the other ones as well. You have the 7 day period to upvote it.

I love this idea

This is a model for best practice community engagement :) I especially love your ‘Money where your mouth is’ engagement with steemit - the Blockchain based social media platform!

Resteemed so even more people can get involved!

just like the name @socialwallet is really doing a great job in steemit community.


I so agree!

Perfect, I was motivated every time I see every day of the Aidrop

Cheers @socialwallet love your work!

Social Wallet will give the newbie to crypto the chance to get their feet wet in a social way.

@socialwallet Can I send a portion of my Tokens now from my account now ?? I was confused when it asked me when I clicked on Wallet Withdraw Button it says....Withdraw To A Personal Wallet

Submit Full Withdrawal.
Ensure the address is correct before submitting...............

I was only looking to send out a portion of my tokens to another party, I did not want to send out my WIRE tokens in there entirety ??

Do I still need to wait until after the ICO is complete to send Tokens to an individual ??

Thank you in advance for the answers to my questions...........


You withdraw all of your tokens from the sale site into your WIRE wallet. The sale site was for the Token Sale only. From there, you can deposit WIRE onto the platform to send across social media. IF you can't figure it out just come into our Discord and a Mod will assist you. Thanks!

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So now the network is alive!!! What about #instagram? did it went through?

by the way... your fixed twit is out of date, expired 2 days ago

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