Social Wallet’s WIRE Token Sale Starts Today!

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It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. However it feels great to hit the stops on your journey and this stop, the launch of Social Wallet’s token, WIRE, is a big one! We are Social Wallet’ a social networking platform designed around the idea of bringing cryptocurrency to over 2.5 billion people through social media integration with the blockchain. Today, WIRE goes on sale and we invite you to visit to obtain your tokens.

A Token, A Platform, An Idea

Tokens and coins go on sale every day, most with little or no success. This is the result of the team behind it launching a cryptocurrency for the wrong reason: to get rich quick. But Social Wallet’s WIRE token is built upon the idea of bringing in new cryptocurrency adopters through the integration of existing social media networks.

WIRE is established upon the idea of helping the cryptocurrency community. Our founders pride themselves upon the inherent philanthropic nature of WIRE, and the possibilities it contains. We know that introducing 2.5 billion people on social media to cryptocurrency will be the spark this community needs.

Why should I buy?

So, you head to and ask yourself, “Why should I buy some WIRE?” It’s pretty simple. Purchasing WIRE gives you access to our platform, which allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world through the use of existing social networking platforms and email providers.

By purchasing WIRE during a bonus period, you can earn up to an extra 25% of your original purchase amount. By obtaining WIRE, you also are included in our community, meaning that you will gain access to exclusive airdrops, community givebacks, and will be a part of our Social Wallet Initiative.

The Social Wallet Initiative is where we highlight and amplify stories of amazing charity within the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. We give back in this community and share the love that cryptocurrency has shown to us. Through this initiative, we hope to teach the world about the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Nerdy Bits

For a more comprehensive drill-down of what WIRE is and has to offer, visit and take a look at our whitepaper.

The WIRE token went on sale today, February 7th, 2018. The cost of one WIRE token is listed at $0.15 USD. The token can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Litecoin (LTC). If purchased between February 7th-13th, there is a bonus of 25% of your purchase. A total circulating supply of 250,000,000 WIRE with an available 187,500,000 WIRE are up for grabs today.

It should be noted that WIRE is not just some store of value currency. It is the token that runs our platform, acts as the “gas” so that you can send and receive cryptocurrency anywhere. Visit our website and read our whitepaper and decide for yourself if you want to join us in our mission to teach the world about the power of the blockchain.

We are proud to have finally come this far with our platform and token. It has been a difficult, but fun and enjoyable journey. We know that we are on the ground floor of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption, and are hopeful for the future.

Thank you for taking this journey with us; be sure to grab some WIRE before it is all gone!

Give us feedback

Social Wallet is a platform that has specifically been created for our users. We want people who have very few technical skills to have an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency community in an easy and fun way. Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us how we are doing!

Join the Social Wallet Discord chat

Do you have questions left unanswered? Would you like to be part of the Social Wallet community? Take a moment and join our discord room by clicking on the 'Join discord chat' button below!


So, how is this different from Steem?

We aren't a social network. We are a platform that has the capacity to amplify them. We love Steem and are excited for the synergies in the future.

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Is it a web wallet or an app for your phone or do they have a wallet for each platform..

The platform has wallets imbedded into it. From this single platform you can send and receive across all social networks we integrate with.

This is going to be awesome! Can't wait to autoblog on your platform when it's in full swing! :)

Thanks for your post. I just want to be clear. We are not social networks like Steem and Facebook. We are the platform that coins like Steem will want to be listed on. A much bigger scope. Once a coin is listed on our platform, they can send their coin over any social media platform that they would like instantly. For instance, imagine being able to send Steem straight to someone’s Facebook or Instagram account. We see great synergies with Steem that we hope to build upon as we ramp up our company.

Apologies, I commented prematurely, I've read through your entire site and landed up buying 833 WIRE after :)

Thats great! The entire platform and tokens will be released the day after the token sale on April 28th. If we sell out sooner we will adjust the timeline up. Enjoy!

Is there a way to "confirm my identity" without a utility bill?
I rent an appartment with everything included, so i don't actually have any

Click the discord button in our post. It will get you into our chat where the founders and team can better assist you. Thanks!

SUCH a cool idea!
I'm getting in on the ground floor of this one.

We welcome you. Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy the updates as we navigate through our token sale.

If we are in the US, are we allowed in? I am 'awaiting approval' on the KYC.
I will buy in if I am allowed. I don't understand how our draconian government can tell us what we can or cannot spend our money on.

Yes. We are a US based company. US residents are permitted to participate. Even if you are awaiting approval you can still continue the process. If for some reason you are rejected 1. We will reach out to you if its a fixable issue or 2. We will refund you if its a final rejection. You can also join our discord and our developers can look at your situation specifically and possibly expedite the process

Greetings, I am very interested in the proposals you make ... I feel that this content should also be known by the Hispanic community!
I would be very interested in translating your content into Spanish so that it reaches more people :)

if possible let me know :)

Yes! Join our Discord and we can talk about this. Thanks!

Interesting stuff. I'll check it out!

Here an airdrop you may want to get into:

Neat Idea.

How will this affect a persons privacy? I wouldn't want anyone who knew my social media to see all my crypto transactions.

Is Social wallet like a relay service? Or a centralized wallet? - I guess I have some digging to do. As of now I don't fully understand this.

Great question. You have to think of us 2 ways. We are a platform and we have a utility token. The utility token is a Pivx fork with additional privacy features. So if its privacy you want, you got it with the WIRE token. So while your WIRE is in its wallet, it is just as private as Pivx. Our platform is centralized. This means when you are ready to send tokens over social media, they get run through our platform where it can technically be seen. One of ours, and BuildTeam's, main goals is to decentralize this process. We are decentralization fans just like everyone else!

I really really love this, but I need to get a VERY good knowledge of WIRE. you hv my upvote

Is social wallet associated with project? this sounds like it will change everything cray cray talk! It will be wonderful to send crypto via social platforms and markets! Oh yeah, I'm gonna like this, sell my crafts via this way? thank you..

Very interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing how this project will go :)

i appreciate your work friend!

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Is it actually a wallet?
Or coin?

A token, a wallet, and a platform all wrapped into one. Social Wallet is a platform that allows someone to send and receive crypto over social media. WIRE, a Pivx fork, is our token that makes the platform function. Wire has a wallet.

good and useful information

Interesting, but what about other projects with great devs like Ethos, with a universal wallet? Do you think social wallet will be able to compete with it?

We like Ethos. A few of us hold positions in their coin. One of our biggest competitive advantages is our "Zero Knowledge Recipient." You are crypto savvy, but maybe your cousin is not. When you use our platform and send them tokens to their social media account, they don't need to know in advance the tokens are on their way or need a wallet set up in advance. They will get a notification on whatever social network you sent the tokens to. Once they click to accept the tokens, it will automatically set everything up for them and deposit the tokens on the platform. With Ethos, you are actively seeking a universal wallet. With us, you can send to anyone, even people you aren't friends with, and the tokens will make it there and set them up completely. We will grow exponentially as new people receive tokens daily.

Great initiative guys. Are you planning on floating the tokens on an exchange in the future? After the ICO where will punters be able to purchase and trade tokens?

We are currently laser focused on making Social Wallet the platform possible. We are a US based corporation who has strict guidelines to follow. We cannot comment on exchanges at this time. Our time is best spent talking about how revolutionary this platform is going to be for crypto and social media. Thanks for your question!

Thanks for the reply @coinhawk. I am getting in on the ground floor anyway as I think this is a fantastic opportunity and great project.

That's great. We really appreciate everyone seeing the value in our platform. Its not everyday a project has the ability to change the entire crypto landscape with one platform like we will be able to do.


i think i will go to the site and check it out. thanks for the post

This the next investment at future, I'll buy it 🤗 @socialwallet

thanks for your post

thanks for the info

excellent, I give you my vote, but give me yours, I will love them forever

It's a good idea to fall in the best one

great post , keep the good work

I've Follow, Upvote. Interesting post. I like, multiply the article and expand it again. Spirit and keep working. Follow me @madimancity

New follower and upvote from me! Look forward to seeing what you guys bring to the table in 2018

This is a good one, I am joining the discord server right away.

calidad pura me gusto tu articulo!!

Thanks for sharing.

Me parece un proyecto alucinante. Buscare más información y la traduciré a mi idioma.

nice share
thank you

@socialwallet Will you need permission from these social media apps or do you already have an agreement worked out? Many social media apps have payment features already so are they going to give you permission to run an app on top of theirs? I am interested but would love some clarification here on the protocol of building on existing social media platforms.

Pretty informative. It's interesting that we are all used to just endless contribution but steemit incentivizes less content that is more impactful.

Spamming degrades your value, but not posting enough does so as well. Where the happy medium is, is hard to find. And it can kind of suck when you feel you have to balance interaction with your account value/ability but I guess the end-goal may be worth it (curated, paid-out content)

Looks good at first glance. I need to spend more time to look into your white paper.

your writing is flowing nicely good post follow you

Great project, great design, also the price tad 0.15 usd, is not too bad. Timing of the ICO, is not perfect, when Bitcoin and the markets are so nervous. But apart of that I would like to point out:

  • There are so many similar projects in the space. All are trying to make best accessible, secure multi wallets with very user friendly interface. Some are growing at rapic pace, some a bit slower. So this is very interesting time, when the fastest and most wide project might succeed, and will grow into eWallet monster. Anyways, I enourage and I am glad of this fierce competition going on in the space. Because this keeps you devs busy, and pushes the market of eWallets grow faster and faster every single day.
    Best of luck!

None of this magnitude. They more you research the platform the more you realize it will be an enormous player in the crypto space.

Seems like an interesting project. I wonder if you can stake coins or mine them?

Wallet staking and masternodes.

It's awesome think

Professionally done post, but what's the story behind tokens? What is the point of having Social Wallet? Thanks for your answer.

Love the idea. Good time to get involved.

hi well i'm just new here i'm trying to prouve to my youtub followers that steemit is real .. and i will appreciate if you follow me <3

How would you prevent ID theft?

Excellent. I leave my vote. I invite you to visit my publications.

nice image, I was amazed
verry good

The project seems interesting. I will take a look.

you lost me on registration asking for a symbol other than a letter or number in my password -this would make yours the only site where i have to remember additional password info and could end up with me losing my ability to sign in. Too complex to register means more problems waiting inside the website

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