To all Lisk holders (and everybody else, I guess): Scammers on the rampage

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

My favorite investment is under scammers’ attack.

Around 24 hours ago, scammers attacked Lisk’s general chat while the admins were away.

What happened?

Since the Lisk team is situated in Germany, the scammers used the timeframe when they were away to impersonate some of the admins, moderators and developers. They contacted an unknown number of users in private telling them they were chosen for God knows what and asking them to send their holdings to their address as soon as possible.

My experience

Now, how on earth do you even consider sending your money to somebody who speaks like this?

I must say, though, for a minute there I didn’t realize it was a fake account, but the manner and tone of speaking raised a lot of red flags from the start.

What happened next?

When one watchful but powerless moderator knew about it, he started muting their accounts and sending everyone warnings of the scammers. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough power to ban them, so the scammers continued running amok. It also became apparent that there were more than several fake accounts.

Later, we had a few new account holders suddenly speaking up in chat saying they got swindled out of their Lisk coins by the scammers. Being there at the time of the scam, I personally ran background checks on some of the users that shared their private information with us, including asking them to prove ownership of their social media accounts. It is not a perfect way, but I am leaning to believe that at least some of them are who they say they are.

Not to say I am not cautious. Frankly speaking, some of their reaction was not at all normal in my book. That’s not what I expect from somebody who lost, um, let me do the math, over 6000$ to scammers. It is like, “Oh man, oh no, how terrible.” A couple of hours later,” Oh well! I am going to do something for Lisk, so please donate, guys, what you can!”
Call me a heartless jerk, but I am not buying it.

Be wary

Whether you are on the sympathizing side or not, be wary of scammers. Especially if you are a Lisk holder right now. My advice to you – if somebody asks you to send them money, speak their language and ask them to send you money first for verification purposes.

Buy Lisk already

Scammers are a dishonest folk, but even they know what’s going to be one of the next biggest things on the market soon. Lisk is about to take off with what is looking to be one of the most ambitious and solid platforms for developers in the blockchain technology world. When it goes to the moon and beyond, not even Elon Musk will be able to help you.

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Scam alert!
Google redirects you to wrong site bltrex with "l" and people were hacked.

yeah that guy sounded super sketch.

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