Thanks for posting about our platform snakiest!

We have been working on the platform day to night for almost a year now. You got many things right in your article, but you also got a couple of things wrong which I want to clarify now.

You mentioned that "There is no indication of it yet, but I assume you will also be able to buy intelligence which if true and uncontrolled undermines the whole point of the platform". This is just not true :) From day 1 we've explicitly stated that intelligence tokens would never be able to be purchased for the exact reason you outlined. It would undermine the entire system.

Intelligence tokens are meant to do 1 thing very well: represent user prediction intelligence within the platform. When intelligence tokens move around our system they come loaded with a lot of data attached to them. Our algorithm (called KoCloud) analyzes that data and can output probabilities based on past performance. For example, as of today the users with the lowest win rate are right 24% of the time. Our average user is right 67% of the time. Our super predictors are right 77% of the time.

You can see these stats for yourself here:

Anyways, if you haven't been on the site for a while I encourage you to come back. We've added a lot of new features since you've published this article including daily price graphs, risk assessment and probability ratings to name only a few new features :)

Thanks again for the mention snakiest!