Alert: Probably a good time to buy Lisk if you haven't yet

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago  (edited)

So we all know Lisk is going to take off some time soon with their rebranding coming later this year and the very first SDK. If you've never heard about Lisk, you'd better do your research.

Don't take my word for it because I am not a professional trader, but judging by the looks of it, we might be approaching the mid-July low in price.

If the price going below the area highlighted in yellow, it will break its humble uptrend that we have been observing from mid-July. If that happens, I think we can expect even lower prices. Technical analysis can only take you thus far these weeks, however. The price is mostly influenced by macro-factors than market speculation, it seems.

As for the macro factors, it looks like people are taking money out of altcoins and put them into btc (it is on a clear uptrend now) in order to grab the free BCC coins on August, 1. What happens after that is either people hold onto those coins or re-invest back into altcoins. The latter being most likely, the current prices will go up.

Invest carefully, but the next few hours are a good time.

Add/Update: 1.7$ would be a sweet spot to invest if it breaks through the highlighted support line.

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old post i know but could be a good time to buy lisk with the rebranding coming up. 20th Feb could be a key date.