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Taylor presents easy using all-in-one application that monitors cryptocurrency markets, notifies you of potentially profitable trades several times in a day and gives you a possibility to trade without much effort. The trade of cryptocurrencies has never been so simple before.


The trade of cryptocurrencies is the most useful investment possibility in the history of mankind, and the best part of it is open to everybody. The most important problem for users is how to participate in it. According to the number of markets and their volatility, to take part in this game is not so simple as we can imagine.

Thus, Taylor becomes to life, bringing a helping hand. But first of all, let me give you a little piece of information about how the Taylor project appeared.

Thiago Regis, the founder of the Taylor project, decided to take a piece of cake. He began to trade the cryptocurrencies and soon faced with one of his most serious problems: the size and volatility of crypto sources. He physically could not control all market movements, since he could focus only on a few crypto pairs.

He made a simple bot to monitor the Bittrex exchange market to determine when the coin had a significant change or a decline in price, commonly known as a pump and dump. He thinks a significant dump can be a good possibility to profit from the rebound.

Thiago began to make a profit and decided to share the bot with the world via the Telegram signal service. However the existence of a signal system was extremely useful for determining investment opportunities, it was rather difficult to act on this signal for maximum profit.

Entering and monitoring the order of buying and selling a particular trade was a complex and time-consuming activity. Technical knowledge was an absolute necessity to make informed decisions about the proposed investments and to establish the most appropriate existing strategy for maximizing profits.

The solution was a multifunctional application. It not only sends signals but also allows the user to trade directly on the platform. Best of all, it will closely monitor the search for the ideal price for fulfilling orders for purchase and sale. In turn, this will increase the profit ratio and save valuable time for the user.

Thiago could not do all this alone, he used the participation of his friend in start-ups and crypto terminals.
Together, they made the Taylor project to facilitate and streamline the ways of trading today.

What is Taylor — Official Taylor Website

The Taylor application is designed to solve the most significant problems when it comes to trade: what to invest, when to do it, and what is the best time to exit the trade.

This application is designed for heavy and tedious work for you. This is a trade automation tool that will track hundreds of markets in real time and signal you about the most attractive investment opportunities. He will notify you repeatedly, increasing the probability of earning. Once the trade has entered, the application will closely monitor it, seeking an ideal exit position, either for profit or to protect the user's investment if things go wrong as planned. No loss.

How Taylor works

Following to the market movements, Taylor will signal you several times in a day about potential trading opportunities, according to previously programmed strategies. If you decide to enter into a deal, all you need to do is choose the value you want to invest and the expectation of profit. Click the Trade button, and the Taylor application is turned on.

It will control the price to eventually set a stop loss to protect your investment, in case the value does not move as predicted. When the desired profit is achieved, Taylor will close the trade and send a brief notice. In any case, all successful transactions will develop, which will lead to significant revenues in the long term.

Integration with large exchanges allows you to do everything possible by placing your portfolio on the stock exchanges at your fingertips.

Present and Future

The Taylor project has already reached significant milestones. The application was checked and verified, and a successful pre-sale of the private token was financed the initial phase of the project.

The public campaign of Token Sale alive now from February 19 to March 20, 2018. The application Taylor for mobiles will be launched simultaneously. During this period, the service will be free of charge, so you can check it yourself.

Note, that Taylor is a permanent project. Like the scope of the cryptocurrency, the application is in constant evolution. They will work to stay relevant and to date with cryptographic markets, always striving to help our users to receive higher returns more often.

The main purpose of the Taylor project is to bring cryptography to the masses. It is designed for everyone, it will help inexperienced traders to find investment possibilities, and it will save valuable time, controlling the market.

For more information about this application, you can go to Official Website of Taylor.


Any market data or commentary used here is for illustrative and informational purposes only. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose especially with leveraged instruments. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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