ZPER Is An Ecosystem For Decentralized P2P Finance

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The advent of the blockchain technology has created major disruptions in various sectors of the ​global economy as some major economic players have adopted the technology while some fears of its use as a deterrent to what has been the status quo, either way​, it is a fact that this has come to stay and stay for good. What makes the blockchain so unique that its existence can hardly be ignored. The fact that processed can be decentralized and transparent is the major feature of this tech. all the hassle of tracking and monitoring data could all be a thing of the past with the use of the blockchain. One industry yet to benefit from this tech, but has everything to gain in the implementation of this tech, is the FinTech industry. This is so because regulations and government control has not only limited the adoption of the tech but has made it rather inaccessible to players in that industry.

Utilizing the blockchain, Zper, a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) loan and investment platform hopes to disrupt that sector and allow for autonomy in accessing loans and investment. This service will be on a global scale as the operations of Zper cannot be restricted by country regulations. The system makes acquiring loans easy and stress-free​ with lower return rates while investors, on the other hand,​ see good returns on their invested money.

Enhancing the value chain in the P2P finance sector is the aim of this project, as well as providing investment that goes beyond countries for investors while building a trusted brand with an ​alliance with over 500 P2P finance companies that’s spun over 10 countries. The loan concept of P2P finance is quite different from the adopted bank system. Normally the bank is responsible for the risk attached to loans and they also get to earn all the interest that comes in but with the P2P system,​ the lender and the borrower interacts with the platform. The lender invests in the system at no extra cost while the borrower borrows with no collateral of sort. All the interest generated is given to the lender accordingly. Certain terms and conditions do apply.

The P2P system is plagued with its own problems and it is this that Zper aims to eliminate and make the platform quite appealing to users. These problems include not being able to adequately find a P2P system that really works, insecure and efficient portfolios, problems with liquidating investment products, inadequate data utilization for credit evaluation. All these problems Zper aims to tackle by providing innovative solutions to make the P2P platform secured and user preferred.

These solutions range from tackling liquidation of investment products by providing various investment products through a global P2P finance alliance, making available a transparent and sound investment environment which will be achieved through smart contracts, ensuring secured investment flexibilities through the use of tokens for P2P loans, making sure data is adequately utilized through an understandable compensation system.

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Zper will utilize the decentralized blockchain system to bring about quality services for its users. There are two types of participants on the Zper platform; the lender and the borrower.

Investors refer to the category of participants that are ready to invest in products of p2p finance companies, portfolios designed by "roboadvisors" and receivables that other investors are willing to resell.

Borrowers, on the other hand,​ refer​ to individuals, businesses, ​and companies who are interested in securing loans which will range from​ personal needs for individuals and start-up funds for companies. The Zper platform will allow for loan applications to be submitted which will then be forwarded to P2P finance companies on the platform. The P2P finance company concerned will handle applications accordingly.

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Token and ICO Details

Zper tokens will serve as a medium of exchange across the platform. It will be used in all transactions that range from investments in​ P2P loans, buyer commission payments and so on. A total of 3,500,000,000 ZPR will be issued ever with 2,200,000,000 ZPR available during the ICO and an hardcap of 48000 ETH.

1,100,000,000 ZPR will be available during the token pre-sale and crowd sale. Ethereum will be the accepted cryptocurrency for exchange to ZPR. ​

The date for the ICO is yet to be set but will be communicated via the official website


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Website - https://zper.io
Whitepaper - https://zper.io/paper/Whitepaper_Eng.pdf
Telegram - https://t.me/zper_kr_official
Twitter - https://twitter.com/zper_team
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ZPERplatform/

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