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With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the interest in the technology has gone beyond just observing to actually wanting to participate in the different segments. Personally, I began by learning about the technology, then buying up some to keep. With time, I realized I could trade coins and get profits. I became interested but soon found out that trading wasn't as easy as I thought.

Cryptocurrency trading is getting popular across the globe and with that, the need to become vast in all aspects of trading. Not everyone has the expertise to maneuver​ the high tides of the cryptocurrency markets hence the need to either educate people or provide a way for them to copy the methods of professional traders.

What Is Fiancia?

Fiancia aims to meet the needs of investors and traders in two special ways; by providing a copy trading platform where investors can choose which traders to follow, and by providing a TV channel dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Built by Fiancia Limited based in UK,

- Copy Trading
Fiancia has a copy trading platform that is reliable, user-friendly, and fully controlled. With over three thousand cryptocurrency pairs available to trade, investors and traders can trade using social network investment strategies of copy trading. The terminal is designed with special technical tools to control the risk for investors to avoid any potential loss.

Fiancia monitors traders' performances and ranks them accordingly thereby rewarding the best performing traders by exposing them to more investors.

By copying skilled and competent pro traders, investors will be able to pocket profits they hitherto couldn't get on their own. They can also monitor the performances of the traders they're copying and making necessary changes to manage risk levels at any time. These profits can then be withdrawn in record time using the Fiancia Visa card, merchants and bank wire with no limits set.

The Fiancia platform collects a 10% commission​ from the profits made, while the trader receives 15%. The investor goes home with 75% of the profit she made from copying the trading methods and patterns of the pro trader with just one click and everyone is happy.


- Dedicated Crypto TV Channel
Fiancia will also provide the first TV channel in the world that is dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, accessible​ in over 180 countries via TV​ and live​-streaming via mobile app (Android and iOS).

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Token and ICO Details

Fiancia Tokens (FIN) is a utility coin built on Ethereum's ERC20 standard with a total supply of 60 million. At the end of the ICO, all unsold tokens will be burned and this has the potential of increasing​ the value of the FIN token.

Pre ICO sale began on the 1st of March 2018 with 6 million FIN tokens offered for sale.

The main ICO will start on the 15th of April 2018 all the way to the 15th of June 2018 with 45 million FIN tokens available for sale. There would be discounts at different stages of the ICO.

  • 35% discount for purchase before 25th April 2018
  • 20% discount for purchase before 5th May 2018
  • 10% discount for purchase before 15th May 2018
  • 7% discount for purchase before 30th May 2018
  • 4% discount for purchase before 15th June 2018

The minimum contribution during the ICO is 0.01 ETH.

1 FIN is currently valued at 0.0005 ETH and can be purchased during the main sale using BTC, ETH, LTC, VISA Card, or Bank transfer.


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