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Global technological advancements have been the driving force in sustaining economies around the world including that of major players like USA, China, Japan and many more. Not only have​ these advancements spread across various sectors of work and life, it is becoming a major life necessity as a lot of people today have either not only built their financial world and income resource technological advancement but they also require it for life skills like social interaction and networking.

The last couple of years has been met with a rather new concept floating around significantly, ​the reason being that it disrupted the financial sector and has got all eyes on it. That concept is today known as the blockchain. Made popular by the meteoric rise in the​ ​value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain solidified its stance as a force to be reckoned with in basically all sectors. Critically let’s look at the term blockchain, what does it mean and what are its benefits?

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), is an untraceable and secured technology that allows businesses and governments to monitor their business processes built on top new generation applications as well as cross-entity​ services. The use of a shared ledger across networks allows for transparency and accountability that leads to trust in the system. This will be quite useful in the corporate and financial sectors to monitor transactions even at very low cost.

But this technology is been faced with very major limitations one of which is that it is rather new so there are only a few experts in that field that could masterfully build a network based on the blockchain platform. This has led to the fall of a few projects who based their platforms mainly as proof of concept because they have been unable to find which distributed ledger technology they should implement and it has been more of a​ herculean task installing and testing which platform works best for the supposed idea.

Introducing Morpheus Labs

Morpheuslabs Blockchain platform as a service (BPaaS) brings innovative solutions to blockchain related problems through distributed hosting for blockchain network nodes and off-chain applications whilst providing a central development platform for regulating and managing blockchain networks.

What all that means is that Morpheus Labs will make​ it quite easy for anyone looking to utilize the blockchain technology for business or to power an idea to fruition. BpaaS bring solutions to problems limiting the adoption of the blockchain technology on a large scale and creating the bridge across the sea of inexperienced technical hands.

One of these solutions is minimizing the time it takes to switch between platforms, applications, ​and providers by making it possible to experiment with different blockchains from a single platform. You can also crowdsource ideas and needed tools from members of the community. The platform makes it easy to readily build and deploy apps which not only saves time but also reduces production cost by a very significant amount. Generally, BpaaS lets you tailor your platform to your specification by providing you with an integrated collaborative development environment.

The platform has also been designed and built to Enterprise-Grade​ level which means it is very robust and scalable; ready to handle any task thrown at it. The security of the platform is also of high importance and this has been factored in.

The BpaaS team consists of experienced blockchain experts who have worked in different industries. The whole idea reduces development cost while delivering trusted and top-notch services. BpaaS is a B2B as well as a ​B2C platform that allows businesses and freelancers autonomous development and innovative freedom. The platform runs a subscription-based​ model where users are provided with three options which depict​ professional level (Starter, optimum and enterprise) with the inclusion of a free but limited platform for individuals which is upgradeable when needed.

Morpheuslabs will be implementing the use of Morpheus Infrastructure Token version x (MITx) as its medium of exchange and official token. This token is ERC-20 compatible and will be employed in the BpaaS platform as well as all Morpheus’s future projects. The token can be used by users for both platform subscription and in-app​ purchases.

1 Billion MITx will be produced but only 250 million MITx will be available to the public at the initial stages of fundraising termed Token Generation Event (TGE). All proceeds will be channelled towards business and platform development.

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The token sale is currently in its last phase and should be wrapping up on the 15th of April 2018 or earlier if the hardcap is reached. Once the hardcap of $25 million is reached the public sale will be shut and people will have to watch out for dates for the next stage.


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Website - https://token.morpheuslabs.io/
Whitepaper - https://token.morpheuslabs.io/assets/documents/WhitePaper.pdf
Twitter - https://twitter.com/morpheus_labs_
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/morpheusblockchain
Telegram - https://t.me/joinchat/Gy1btBJEjDsGi3zj23JkKw
ANN Thread - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php

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