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Hi, Cryptocurrency Price Tracker is simple extension for Chrome browser that I have created. It allows you to see changes in price for many cryptocurrencies that are available.

Today I updated this extension, so now it have few more options to show.

So, what's new?

  1. Now extension can show you value of market cap.


  1. Default currency is USD, but now you can see value of a coin and market cap in AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP. Value in USD will still be visible below value in selected currency. I done that because on most websites USD is default currency, so it's easier to compare prices.

None USD values will be "rounded" to 5 or 2 decimal places. If value of a coin is less than 1, than that coin will have 5 digits after the point. Otherwise, it will have 2 digits after the point.

Here is the options page:

And here is popup window and prices in EUR:

  1. UI has been slightly changed.

  2. I have added donation link on the options page. If you click on it, you would be able to see QR code. I have added it to options page so it does not bothering users.


My goal for this extension is to be simple as possible for users. I have created it to help myself to easier follow coins that I am interested for and I hope that it may also help someone else.


always nice to have an extra tool!

Thanks! I hope it can help you.

I didn't mentioned here, but every change that you make will take effect after 5 minutes for a popup window. That is done to limit number of requests as it was suggested from "" API. If programmers doesn't do that, API would be slow for all applications that uses it.

Make sure this doesn't send our passwords over to other guy...
Nobody, well only day traders need tickers...