Use Cases and Market strategy for Uncloak

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Unloak is a blockchain network providing organization complementing the cryptocurrency system with unique facilities of security. It is the world’s pioneering blockchain powered cyber threat solution which is putting the business a step ahead of the hackers.

Unloak is building the threat detection database imposing Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity threats converted as security signatures and lets to keep track on the vulnerabilities existing to the subscribed client based network. Uncloak has architecture the platform for the companies seeking for ensuring security without any requirement to immediate attention from a certified ethical hacker or security penetrating testers.

Use Cases

Uncloak performs functions for the professional ethical hackers performing greatly in reduced costs for the company. This will intact for the following textures in two different use cases:

Use Case 1: It is urbanized for a small number of use case consisting 1 to 250 employees. This design wishes to perform with the security checks ensuring that the companies must have the ability to keep abreast of existing and potential cybersecurity within the infrastructure. It deals with:

Performance of full vulnerability check for the workstations, servers, networks hardware, software on an automated schedule. This would work on the basis of the requirement for penetrating tester for ethical hackers.

This will check on the operating system and application software to patch the levels up to date.

Applications or software services with weaker configuration will check for the presence providing suggestions to the improvement of the security applications and hardware.

Use Case 2: It has been made up for the comparatively larger companies with some differences for more than 250 employees in the set of needs heavily compliant and connected with the IT governance. The IT security also requires the related PCI compliances for the debit and credit card systems according to the ISO27001/NIST/Cyber Essentials certificate placing a continuous burden on the IT teams. Uncloak software will ultimately elevate the number of compliances to the certificate in concern of providing service to the clients in following steps:

Relevant report on upcoming cyber threats for IT security compliance benchmarks.

It checks out for the presence of vulnerability to OS or to the network available o the applications services, weaker deprecated vulnerable transport layer encryptions.

Unneeded applications and services are available to be checked into the workstations and servers.

Market Strategy

Uncloak follows a clear strategy regarding the global reach to the partner models for b2c subscription supported by the relationships for a greater number of values to add as resellers. The end users are accustomed to working in several cybersecurity projects with two partners in 5 consultancies along with more than 200 resellers into the current business development of staff members.

Pitched Companies

In the living market strategy of Uncloak, it will be pitched with 4 types of companies such as:

Expert unbiased approaches to IT security solution for generic current market vendors for the customers by the support for unique legacy systems in business conduct

The capability of internal IT resources cannot provide high-quality services

In-situ evolved in the infrastructural needs for improving IT security restructure being part of IT transformation program
The business may come at risk for ISO, GDRP, FCA, SRA in need of compliant requirements

Uncloak is in such unique position that they are establishing the relevance of the sources of current and future cyber threat data all over the internet for multiple clients subscribing the platform by the usage of the engine for the threats detected by Artificial Intelligence as a standard because of the diligence approach to the effective cyber threat management.


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