What's Going On With NEO? The "Chinese Ethereum" Surges 200% In 1 Week, Becomes Top 8 Cryptocurrency

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Crypto markets move fast and while regular stocks usually don't change more than a few percentage points, a 50% increase or even a 100% increase within a few days can be seen quite often in the crypto world.
But when one coin rises 200% in one week, climbing the cryptocurrency market cap ranking from the top 20 to the 8th spot, something major is going on!

If you are following the events in the cryptocurrency world, you will have noticed the meteoric rise of NEO.

NEO, formerly known as Antshares, has had an incredible week - an incredible month, to be honest.

I literally watched the price go from $7 just over 1 week ago to $15, to $24 just yesterday, and finally hitting it's all-time high at $37 before dropping back to to $32 today.
NEO rose just about 200% in one week, and more than 370% in the last month.
(At the point of me writing this post it was at 200%, but just dropped down a little).

Let me put it into perspective:

If you invested $1,000 when NEO was at $7, you'd now have $4,571. (Even at "just" $32 per NEO)
And if you'd have invested $100,000, well... you would have turned your investment into almost have a million dollars in 1 week.
There have been jokes going around in the community for the last few days, about how NEO is turning people into millionaires... and it's true.

What is NEO?

Formerly known as Antshares, NEO is the first ever public chain project from China.

It's a smart asset platform which combines the power of smart contracts and digital assets, enabling security, trust and transparency through digital certificates.
Antshares allows developers to create their own smart contracts using very well-known programming languages like Java, C# and Python.
This way, the smart asset platform offers unique benefits compared to Ethereum.

"AntShares is a decentralized and distributed network protocol based on Blockchain technology. AntShares allows digitalizing real-world assets, enabling registration, depository, transfer, trading, clearing and settlement via a peer-to-peer network. AntShares keeps records of the transfers of digital assets with e-contracts.


What are the reasons for the sudden rise?

1 - Antshares becomes NEO

The main reason is that Antshares have now completed their re-branding to NEO, which means novelty or newness in Greek.
I have actually written a post about Antshares and its huge potential last month - little did I know that the price would more than quadruple soon.
The rebranding of course resulted in a lot of press buzz around the cryptocurrency, attracting more and more investors.


2 - The new "Chinese Ethereum" ?

NEO is the very first open-source blockchain platform developed in China.
It's similar to Ethereum in many ways, since both are smart contract platforms, but NEO offers some more benefits and also more programming languages (including C# code) which makes it more attractive for developers.
NEO is currently in a similar position to Ethereum at the beginning of 2017 - both in terms of value and launch phase.
The company has recently collaborated with Chinese certificate authorities to map real-world assets via its smart contract platform. They have also established partnerships with several other big crypto-startups like Bancor, CoinDash and others.
Additionally, they just received a new patent for cross-chain distributed interoperability.

Future Outlook

Some people are speculating that the NEO value will reach $100, and that it might even reach several hundred dollars until the end of the year.
I personally can't confirm or deny that - all I know is that the demand for NEO is still high, and that the platform offers a lot of unique benefits. Regarding the tremendous size of the Chinese market, I wouldn't be surprised if NEO would really stay within the top 10 of cryptocurrencies by market cap.

What's your opinion about NEO - did you invest? Is it too late to buy now? And how do you think NEO will develop in the future?

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Since they got organized and their act together things are really moving. Or was it simply the name change from AntShares to NEO?

Cooperation with Microsoft may play a role as well.

I have a friend told me to buy, unfortunately my exchange dont have them :(

Wow! What a rise of NEO, 200% .Did you invest in it? Any way thanks for sharing such a valuable information about crpto. People are becoming rich and famous in this community. Have great time friend, happy steeming.

very good articles @sirwinchester :) I think NEO is really freat project with strong fundamentals and it has bright future ahead.

May I ask for your opinion about my new project based on Blockchain? Can you tell me what do you think? I'm not asking for upvotes just your honest opinion please :)


I will be really grateful :)

Nice post! I just bought 1 Neo coin from my steem earnings, it still hurts to trade my steem coins hope I will get over it soon :)

upvoted and followed...if u like to know about technology..please follow me!!

How do i get some!?


I bought mine on Bittrex. I think it will rise much higher, so it's not too late for you to get some!

Good info CC Thor :-) I bought some ANTshares a couple weeks before the rebrand. Of course I wish I bought more. Probably just hold what I have as opposed to chase it up.

good - resteem

I think NEO will cross the $100 till December .... because of the huge international market of china... this is the crypto revolutions that we are going through.... Nice and informative Post by you @sirwinchester .......


I really believe it will keep on rising and be among the top 3 soon! We all know well the mega size of Chinese market!
What I can't really understand is that how come Steem is like stagnant man, any idea?

Great breakdown of NEO. I missed the boat on this one. Guess I'll be on the lookout for a pullback

great post broo...
keep posting and sharing with us
following you and upvoted you for thix post and please upvote back and follow im your friendly neighbour.. :) :) :)

I believe crypto-currencies are the future but I think we are entering a bubble phase in crypto-currencies. I believe there are over a thousand currencies and anyone can start one. It will be interesting to see which ones emerge victorious and why.


Too much coin that overvalue on this day,

I've been debating if it's still a good buy for the last two days. It's pulling back a little now which is good, so maybe we'll have another buying opportunity.

Wow ! I see it now its on the list of top 8 and also increased 19.87% in past 24 hours really going well.

Do you think that the price will fall below $30 in the short term?

Missed this whole jump, but I'll still be getting in at $30

Interesting article. I guess Chinese investors are very excited about this and are pumping the price. Do you think it will see a major correction?

There are so many projects and it is painful when I see some of these Moon out of nowhere like this.

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Bright future for NEO, ethereum of china

good postt bro

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