STOX - Hyped Prediction Market Platform By Invest.Com: ICO Started TODAY, Get Your Tokens Now!

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The STOX Exchange has started today! Get your tokens NOW before it's too late!

The ICO for prediction market platform STOX has started today at 2pm UTC.
At the time of this post, there are only roughly 30k ETH left until the ICO closes - so if you're planning to invest, you should do so NOW!

What is Stox ?

Stocks is a prediction market platform where you can predict the outcome of any invents and place your bets with cryptocurrency.
Whether it's sports events, politics, or something else: users can create bets on anything on the open source platform and then trade their outcome.
The platform is based on the Bancor protocol, who were in the news for raising $156 million in just 3 hours during their own ICO earlier this year.
The native token of Stox is STX, which will be the currency for investment and trading on the platform.

Stox is an open source, Bancor based prediction market platform.
Using the wisdom of the crowd, every day people will be able to predict and trade the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category: Finance, sports, politics and even the weather.
Stox is designed to accommodate and be intuitive for mainstream audiences.
Powering Stox will be the STX digital token, the primary form for fees, collaterals, and the currency for investment in event outcomes.
Stox will feature as its debut provider and operator.
Stox incentivizes other industry leaders with existing customer bases, like, to join the Stox network and drive traffic to the network.

Stox is created by, which basically operates on the same concept - just with fiat currency. is an established platform in the financial scene, and adding cryptocurrency to their platform via stox was likely a smart move.
Since Stox has such a big and well-known partner, CEO Ophir Gertner stated that investing in Stox is much safer than other ICO's where the product you're investing in isn't even out yet.
The company calls their token sale a “token generation event”, in an effort to distance themselves from the ICO craze which has a lot of critics in the world of traditional finance.

“Stox will feature as its debut provider, but will be built in such a way that allows independent operators to join and partake in its ecosystem as well. The biggest difference, is that there is a real, substantial, experienced company behind this. This isn’t a few folks and a whitepaper that have never managed a company, dealt with user acquisition, weather the ups and downs, etc.”

-Stox CEO Ophir Gertner

Stox promoted by Floyd Mayweather

Last week, Stox gained huge publicity thanks to this instagram post of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.


Due to his upcoming fight against Conor McGregor on August 26, Mayweather had been a prominent figure in the news - and now, he's even promoted cryptocurrency for the very first time.
Whether he wants to invest in the Stox ICO himself is unclear, and while this was probably "just" a promotional stunt for which he got paid, it's still a great step for the crypto community that even big celebrities are starting to acknowledge the potential.

The Instagram picture shows him on a private Jet with stacks of $100 bills in front of him, and the caption reads:

"Champion Predictions: I'm gonna make a $hit t$n of money on August 26th.
I'm gonna make a $hit t$n of money on August 2nd on the ICO."


Stox ICO

The Stox ICO has launched TODAY, August 2nd at 2pm UTC and runs on Ethereum.
There is a time limit of 2 weeks for this ICO, or until the hard-cap of 148k ETH (roughly $30 million) has been reached.
Right now, only a few hours after the launch, there have already been over 111k ETH contributed, so it's probably not going to last much longer.
If you still want to invest in Stox, you should definitely make your move today.

How can you invest?

Due to the recent security problems at ICO's, you can't simply invest in Stox by sending ETH to a specific address.
You have to download the applications MyEtherWallet or Ethereum Wallet in order to contribute.
Then, you have to create an account on that wallet, sync it to the network and top up your wallet with the amount of ETH you'd like to invest plus a small fee.
The base exchange rate is 200 STX tokens for 1 ETH.
You can find detailed user guides on how to invest here for MyEtherWallet, and here for the Ethereum Wallet.

What's your opinion about Stox? Did you participate in the ICO?

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Looks certainly like an interesting concept. But there is no work done yet, as it seems. So a pretty speculative coin and a longterm investment. It will probably go down for a few months or even year before the first things are pubished and proof the actual value.

I'm not an U.S. Citizen yet curious to know why U.S. Citizens are not allowed to participate in this ICO.
BTW.. Nice post!


ICO's have gotten very strict regulations in the US.. the government realized the enormous potential and how much money was flowing in through cryptocurrency, and essentially they are losing a lot of taxes, so they're trying to limit it


Yes, this is frustrating. I keep my eye on ICOs and this was one I actually wanted to get in, but doing VPN workarounds and such just to do it from the U.S. turned me off to the idea.


The authoritarians sitting at the top of the social hierarchy knows only putting limitations, bans and restrictions. Be it any country the situation is same everywhere. People holding the power on their hands are scared of the power of decentralized platforms.

Thanks for the info. I'm not going to invest in that platform right now.


You're welcome, yes I'm interested to see how Stox will develop in the future.

Thanks your post is great and helpful for us
Regards @sharoon


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Have heard of stox before but never knew nothing about them,thanks for explaining what they are. In my opinion they sounds really impressive and i'll have to check them out a bit more. But definitely worth checking out,thanks for sharing


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Yes I think stox will become quite popular, especially since they are created by a huge company like .

Interesting @sirwinchester. Thank you for the post. I am checking this out now.



Thanks for the support!

Knock out!;)


🥊 🥊


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Keep my eye on it. Thanks! I didn't know it had any real value other than a pump and dump backed by Floyd.

thank you for your Post @sirwinchester
It opens another window which will influence our future...
I'm curious what will happen in the future


Yes, I'm excited to see how all of these ICO's will turn out in the future!

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