Reality Clash: Augmented Reality Combat Game Backed By Ethereum - ICO Started Today!

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become a popular medium of Entertainment.

Only a few years ago, VR and AR were something spectacular, something only very few people could experience due to the high prices for the headsets.
But nowadays, they have become much more accessible and more of a household product.
Without a doubt, Virtual / Augmented reality will play a key role in the future of Entertainment.

And now, Virtual Reality is even implementing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology!

Introducing Reality Clash - An augmented reality combat game for mobile phones, backed by the Ethereum Blockchain!

Reality Clash - The Game

Reality Clash is a free Augmented Reality game for iOS and Android.
Pokemon Go was one of the first and most popular examples for Augmented Reality mobile games that integrate your real-life surroundings into the gameplay.
Now, Reality Clash offers similar features but with a blockchain-based combat game.

The ICO has actually just started today!

Aim of the game

You walk around the familiar streets of the neighborhood and fight against enemies.
When looking through your phone, its camera picks up your surroundings and displays an augmented reality layer on top of it. Geo-targeting even allows for real-life buildings to impact your gameplay.
You can also form teams or participate in tournaments.

Tokenized armory

The armory will offer countless different weapons - from shotguns to rifles, machine guns and sniper weapons.
All weapons can be bought through the ERC20 token RCC (Reality Clash Coin).
You can also collect and sell special weapons, or trade them with friends!
During the tokensale event, there will be exclusive weapons for sale which users can access in-game.

What does this have to do with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

The native currency of the Reality Clash network is RCC - the Reality Clash Coin.
All in-game content is tokenized, which means that you can buy content with real money through the RCC token.
But if you collect special weapons, you can even sell them for tokens at the trading platform, and speculate on weapons - therefore becoming like a virtual arms dealer.
Of course, the tokens you receive for selling items can also be exchanged back for fiat currency.
Apart from that, of course the RCC token will also be tradeable just like any other cryptocurrency, meaning that you can hold, trade or exchange the coins.

Reality Clash ICO

The ICO for Reality Clash has just started today, on August 29 and will last for 30 days.

Tokens available at the sale will be RCC Gold coins - these are exclusive to the ICO and can be bought for 1 RCC Gold = $0.30, payable in Ether.
Later during the game, RCC Silver tokens will be sold for 1 = $1, so these RCC gold coins offer a big discount.
Apart from that, the gold coins also enable access to exclusive content like ammo, armor and weapons which won't be available anywhere else.
There will only be 50,000,000 RCC gold tokens available.


Reality clash is an augmented reality combat game.
You walk around your neighborhood, and while watching your surroundings through your phone, you will see an augmented reality layer on top of your real-life environment.
You can collect weapons and armor, and go on street fights or form teams and participate in tournaments.
The whole in-game content is tokenized, meaning that you will be able to purchase it through the ERC20 RCC token.
The ICO has just started today, offering special "gold coins" with exclusive content and boni!

We've seen the huge success of augmented reality mobile games with "Pokemon Go."

What do you think of the idea to create an augmented reality combat game? Are you interested to play it or interested to join the ICO?

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Very nice post ! resteem !!

Looks like an interesting concept.

Would be fun if pokemon go had something look this.

You're right! That would be awesome and major news for cryptocurrency

Wow, I'm a gamer and this game looks so amazing. Thanks for sharing, Pokemon Go was not for me :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the post!

I am fascinated by augmented reality! But I will never understand the fascination for "Hey, let's all kill each other" games :)

Good point, I agree with that as well.

I don't see this being allowed on iOS. Apple doesn't like alternative in-App purchasing methods too much.

very nice post .you are my idol.good luck

Awesome topic, really makes me wonder what other Augmented Reality influenced currencies are floating around. I am thoroughly invested into AR myself. Trying to center my blog and content around it actually :D. I'll definitely give you a follow mate!

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Well done getting this out. That's no small task.

I'll look forward to trying it out this weekend.

Upvoted & Resteemed

I'd like to see blockchain based open world VR games.

nice post

I liked the post, thanks for sharing the information :)

great post and interessting outlook into future games. However might be difficult to play since only wide adoption in a close area make this game playable. What do you think?

However for token sales wait till it hits an exchange and buy after price drop.

looks good!