Monetha - Ethereum-Based Payment Platform Feat. Former PayPal Exec Combines Payments With Trust Ratings

Cryptocurrency payment systems are amazing - they offer a safe, quick alternative for anyone who wants to pay for items with digital coins instead of cash or credit cards.
But the problem is that you can't trust any merchant on the internet - and the quality of the item you're buying isn't always as advertised.

Imagine a platform that combines an Ethereum-based payment processing system with a trust rating system based on reviews and reputation - this is MONETHA!

What is Monetha?

Monetha is a decentralized payment platform based on the Ethereum blockchain.
The easiest way to explain the conept of Monetha is to imagine a mixture from PayPal's payment services and TrustPilot's trust system.

The aim is to combine commerce and trust with the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Finally a commerce that is trusted globally - Welcome to an efficient payment solution for merchants that enables globally trustful commerce. Decentralised. Empowered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Our decentralised trust and reputation system (DTRS), powered by smart contracts, works flawlessly with Monetha’s payment processor. We let the buyer see trustworthy and transparent reviews made by previous customers.


How does it work?

Let's use the example from the video above: you are online shopping and see an item you'd like to buy from a vendor in China.
You add the desired item to your cart and select Monetha as payment method.
Monetha converts the price from fiat currency to Ether and generates a QR code.
Using your cryptocurrency app of choice, you can then scan the code and the amount of Ether gets sent from your wallet to the merchant (who pays 1.5% fees).
The transaction only takes one minute and is secured by smart contracts.

So far, so good - but now, the unique feature of Monetha: trust and reputation!

After you receive the items, both merchant and customer can rate each other.
This way, you can check if your desired item has had positive reviews from other customers, if the vendor is reputable, etc.
But Monetha doesn't only work for ecommerce - you can also use it in retail stores by scanning a QR code.

Thanks to the transparent nature of Blockchain Technology, Monetha records all transactions and offers total security for its users.

Every time a transaction is made, regardless of whether it is retail or e-commerce, the blockchain will record the time of the transaction, both receiving and sending wallet addresses, warranty conditions, delivery time, and all other information that is typically needed to ensure the trust in different countries. All that information will be encrypted and only available to authorized users in a beautifully designed user interface. Based on that information, clients and merchants will be able to file/solve a claim, rate each other, etc.


Monetha is a blockchain start-up based in Lithuania.
The "mastermind architect" of the technology is Andrej Ruckij. Before co-founding Monetha, he was the Vice President of "Adform", a global digital advertising company with a team of 300+ engineers.
Other co-founders include Justas Pikelis (Business) and Laurynas Jokubaitis (Product).
The biggest name on the team is Eric Duprat, who used to be the General Manager of Mobile at PayPal. During his leadership, PayPal's mobile payment business grew from $7M to $4+ billion in just 3 years.

It's amazing to see that even someone who formerly worked at paypal as now joined a startup that essentially mimics paypal's services - but improves them with blockchain technology and newly added features!

Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur manages the decentralized trust and reputation department. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science, was awarded with google for his excellent research in academia, and has advised companies like Philips and Amazon.


How can you invest / What's next?

The Monetha ICO starts on August 31st. It will continue for 30 days, but there is a soft cap at €7M after which the price of 1 ETH = 2400 MTH will be changed to 1 ETH - 2000 MTH .

So mark August 31st in your calendars if you're planning to invest in this ICO!

Until mid-2018, Monetha plans to have developed the full ecommerce solution and exchange to Fiat currency.
The Monetha wallet and full functionality of the decentralized trust and reputation system are supposed to be ready by early 2019.
And finally, Monetha's retail solutions are planned to be ready by mid-/late 2019.


In my opinion, Monetha is a very interesting project with a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing how it will develop in the future!

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Yo I havent seen a dude wearing a full on turtle neck since 1993, I feel alive again!

Hmm.. where before have I seen someone promoting their startup whilst imitating Steve Jobs with a black turtle neck🤔 .. Oh yeah Elizabeth Holmes.. 🙈

And of top of that my country is going to be the Ethereum Island soon! I investigated in it and it is really going forward mate! I made a post on it too!
Crypto will surely rule the world soon!

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These type of platforms are what is needed to take crypto's to the next level.

Yes. They are simple to use for someone who doesn't have any crypto knowledge, yet they offer the benefits of blockchain technology.

Be careful though.

Giving up your identity is a risky move. Sometimes there's something to be gained from remembering the Greek origin of the word "crypto."

Good point, but in this case I think Monetha offers a lot of benefits for the buyers, and you "only" allow them access to your ether wallet, not your credit card, passport, or other personal details (like paypal!)

Sounds like the Holy Grail for e-commerce. I'll definitely look into it!

Yes I think this really has some great potential!

This is very exciting news - Reply

fuck anything to do with deep state bankers.

This is very exciting news. Even if this exact project doesnt gain much ground, its promising to see other companies and platforms like Paypal taking a serious look at our world.

Maybe you read something i didn't but didn't he say that guy who used to work at paypal joined the team?

Well, paypal itself is not cooperating with crypto.
It's just that monetha is something similar to paypal, created WITH someone who worked at paypal

Exactly! The mainstream world is finally looking into the benefits of blockchain technology!

Even Paypal is seeing the light. We are starting to make progress.

My thoughts exactly.
They are building something similar to paypal, with someone who worked at paypal - only that this project is going to ethereum-based and with even more features! that's awesome!

Interesting read, thank you for always being a good steward of the community! Steem On Brother!

Thank you, appreciate it! Steem on!

Anytime, keep it going

Hope this new platform doesn't sanction you with limits like PayPal.

I'm so going to have to check this out.
I'm trying to find the next big thing, missed to many things when I just entered Crypto a few months ago

Thanks, if they lowered the fee to 1%, that would be even better.

Thanks for Monetha review and mentioning my name (disclaimer I'm Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur, Monetha trust and reputation lead ;-) By the way, I've posted my first Steem article on upcoming ICOs online reputation :

I am holding Monetha, I hope to develop further

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