Ethereum Co-Founder Launches New Project: Ambrosus Will Use Blockchain Technology To Ensure Food Safety

Blockchain Technology has the enormous potential to revolutionize the world - and not only in the financial sector.

Most people still associate Blockchain only with cryptocurrencies - but it can do so much more.
Whether that's preventing fraud, validating the ownership of something, or distributing aid: the secure and transparent nature of the Blockchain offers benefits in many different areas.

The swiss startup Ambrosus has just launched their blockchain-based platform to track the food supply system - another great example of the versatile use cases for blockchain technology.

The startup was created last year but only launched 2 days ago.

Ambrosus is co-founded and supported by Gavin Wood, who is also a co-founder of Ethereum.


What is Ambrosus?

Ambrosus aims to ensure the quality and safety of food by tracking the supply chain with a blockchain protocol.
With sensors and smart contracts, they want to verify the origins of food "from farm to fork", ensuring transparency and the highest quality.

The World’s First Trusted Food Ecosystem: Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts, we are building the world’s first publicly verifiable, community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety & origins of food.

At the Ambrosus project we aim to radically improve the global food supply chain by creating a trusted ecosystem where we can reliably record the entire history of food from farm to fork.
We want to help farmers earn fairer prices, enable a more secure supply chain, improve food distribution and allow consumers to easily see where their food comes from and what is really in it.

Ambrosus is supported by Parity - the Ethereum-based technology that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately after the latest hacking attack.
But that doesn't stop them! Ambrosus has announced their ICO for September 2017.

How does it work?

Ambrosus uses a specific sensor system to track the food, which is a combination of biosensors, robust sensors and food tracers. These sensors can access and monitor data in real time, including physical attributes and its surroundings.
They also have built-in anti-tampering, smart tagging mechanisms and unique IDs.
Ambrosus uses a protocol based on Ethereum, which encodes commercial agreements as smart contracts.
These contracts will self-execute and any disputes are resolved automatically.
When the sensor data has ben digitized, it is then recorded in a "decentralised, fully-auditable manner" to protect it from fraud or manipulation.
The native tokens on Ambrosus, Amber, is used as the "fuel" for the whole project.
It is used to access the network services and sensor systems and to enter agreements secured by smart contracts.
The amber token has been co-developed by Ambrosus' technology partner Parity.

“The combination of the maturity of the technology and the brainpower and creativity of participating actors provides a unique and clear opportunity to build a bridge between Ethereum and the food sector. The funds secured through our crowdsale will fuel the creation of our vibrant, community-driven ecosystem ready to build a better future for the global food markets."

-Ambrosus CEO and co-founder Angel Versetti


Team and Supporters

The Ambrosus Team consists of some big names in the crypto- and fintech scene.
CEO Angel Versetti was trained at Google and previously worked at Bloomberg, the World Resources forum, and was the youngest project leader and author at the United Nations.
There are also two former Ethereum employees on the Team:
Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Parity, and Jutta Steiner, who used to be the Manager for Security Audit at Ethereum.
Supporters include the United Nations, the Swiss Quality and Safety Association, the Crypto Valley Association, and even the Government of the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland.


What's next / How can you invest?

Ambrosus has announced that their ICO will be in September - but no exact dates were named yet.
Until then, you won't be able to invest in their Amber tokens.
The Ambrosus team has just launched their website so for now, they will focus on marketing and promoting their new project to gain the attention of investors for their ICO.

You can stay up to date with Ambrosus through their Slack or Telegram so that you'll be the first to know when their ICO date is announced!

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I always think, yes great idea and it is indeed. The sad part is that most of the icos are scam and don't or can't deliver their promise, maybe because they party to hard with that millions or loose the motivation after being rich that quick.

There is a lot of money involved in these ICO's and legally not so much security.

In this case, the idea sounds good, but the whole logistics of the operation sounds mighty ambitious.

About food, keep it simple, buy fresh and locally.

Well it depends on the project of course.
In this case I'm sure it won't be a scam since there are so many big names involved.

Interesting one It seems like most of thew new coins are sub categories using larger blockchains such as ethereum. Huge wonderful potential though of the block chain.

Strictly speaking, that was one of the ideas behind Ethereum. Instead of just being "another coin", it is designed as the backbone for smart contracts and altcoin offerings.

As to Ambrosus, I would suggest it is significant that the core team is the real deal. Personally, I will be taking a closer look at the real business value between now and the ICO launch. Unfortunately a great idea can still have a bad business model and lead to failure. I hope that is not the case here, but I can't afford to invest or speculate without a modicum of due diligence.

Truer words have never been Typed.

Yes you're right, I've noticed that "trend" too.

This quote from above sums up the fantastic real world blockchain application of Ambrosus:

Ambrosus aims to ensure the quality and safety of food by tracking the supply chain with a blockchain protocol.
With sensors and smart contracts, they want to verify the origins of food "from farm to fork"

This idea will change the way everyone eats while minimizing waste potentially helping to feed those in need. Thank you for sharing @sirwinchester.

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Thank you,

Jeffrey Anderson
Editor in Chief
The Anderson Report
@cryptoNEWScoins on Twitter


Yes, it's a great idea with lots of potential!
I upvoted some of your latest posts!

How amazing it is that the world of crypto currency is changing the way that we see the world... Great things are in store for us.

this is an interesting post i had posted a similar thing do visit

Thank you!
Yes I upvoted your post about it as well!

Interesting bet, I would encourage you to say that your future is imminent and bright.
Congratulations on sharing an excellent article.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

We need something to reduce the ridiculous levels of food waste. Also my wife got very sick from food poisoning due to food that was not handled properly and had to deal with very expensive medical bills. Will be great to see if the block chain that help prevent this major problem.

Yes we need it all on the chain man, all the wasters should be penalised. It should automatically come out of their ledger for all the waste, and if they recycle should get a bonus so it is an activity people pursue.

Affordable healthcare would be another essential development to make, all will come in time. All medicines should be on the blockchain as a worldwide database which ensures prices are capped and profit cannot be made from the sick, only break even.

You don't Hink those added regulations and fines would be passed on to the customer, increasing the cost of food.

Do you hate poor people? Because the more you regulate the food sector it hurts the poor the most.

That's true too.. organically grown food has its price and unfortunately some people are not wealthy enough to enjoy this kind of lifestyle.
Higher quality food will always be more expensive unless we change the system fundamentally.

Good ideas!
I especially like the bonus system when people recycle.
In germany for example recycling plastic bottles is rewarded quite well (25-50ct per bottle), and I was shocked when visiting other countries, for example the US, and I saw that hardly anyone was recycling because there was simply no reward. (or not enough)

True! Food waste is becoming a huge problem but we're not doing enough to prevent it!

All I know is that blockchain is currently changing the world right in front of our own eyes :)

exciting times indeed :-)

Exactly! We are experiencing the change right now! Exciting times.

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whats the value of it in next i mont @sirwinchester

I hope this new project is going to be great.
Upvote my posts.[palashjyotinath

Thank you! We finally start to see blockchain solutions to be implemented outside the financial sector. Of course, with financial incentives. Great news and new chapter in crypto. Can't wait till ICO.

I have always thought blockchain capabilities to trace supply chain and value chain of the products, and this particular use is amazing!

Good thoughts.... it's all new to me, but my ears are open! ty

A "tagging" system that cannot be edited by a central server owner is... almost a definition of a blockchain

Wow! It's cool how this uses technology from ETH. I'm invested in ETH, so I will definitely invest in this when they launch in September. Thanks!

Been talking about this for years now, fucking glad to see it coming to life! We need to montor farm to fork and fork to trash, and trash to landfill also. Whole process needs to be on blockchain then u can see who is mashing up earth the worst (e.g irresponsible fuck wits with fair too much cash, who just want another quick buck and don't care about the earth at all)

If we can just get the government on the blockchain then we really got these bastards up shit creek without a paddle

Amazing use case of the block chain. It's interesting to see what is out there once you get "bitcoin addiction" and look for other uses of the block.

Great idea!

There's a blockchain for everything.

Keep us posted on this.

This is an interesting model but I'm not quite sure why this would need to have its own token and blockchain. The fact that Gavin Wood is backing this project and their partnerships with huge worldwide organizations definitely gives this ICO a strong chance for success and speculation. If you're just in it to turn a quick buck I'd say this is one of the better opportunities I've seen.

nice post
I upvoted you,please lock up my post too and dont forget to upvote me
@iqbalmaulana has been around for a while, similar concept?

Love watching humans slowly evolve away from the need for a state .

It sounds like an interesting concept. And it's a problem that certainly needs to be resolved in some way. Many would hope cryptocurrency can have a hand in having this resolved.

At the same time, reading through this nicely phrased promotional piece, I would say we still need to wait to have a tangible proof of this experiment.

Ok, this sounds interesting and has an use case! Will be following, thanks for the info

Hello there @sirwinchester , recently we publish something related to cryptocurrency , can you share your reviews on it? Kindly? and UPVOTE MAYBE?

And this is what you call quality posting.
Oh, & I need some Amber ASAP

First off, Ambrosus is a beautiful and cleverly crafted name. I am happy to see that the ETH DApps are reaching so many sectors and handling such a diverse problem set early on. I am not of the mind that every ICO is a scam or that no new crypto projects can have long-term success. Instead, I embrace the ingenuity of unique projects and hope that they will succeed.

I had heard about some of possibilities that blockchain could help streamline the food Industry . Great to read about and get more specifics on this important topic. 😊

Really look forward to seeing AMB to be successful. The use case of the coin sounds great, hopefully, the execution part would be well-executed

Ambrosus with a rating of 4.26 on our ICO list

Our rating is one of the most objective and rigorous, it is independent and created to assess the investment attractiveness. Rating checks your idea and project for vitality it is based on more than 70 different parameters. It’s not permanent - we are monitoring the ICOs on daily basis.

Sincerely, ICOholder

Very good call! I tried to do a thorough analysis building on what you already posted: