EOS Launches Mainnet & Closes Year-Long Tokensale With $4 Bln (Largest ICO Ever!)

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Today, June 2nd, marks an important day in the history of cryptocurrency. Today is the day of the EOS Mainnet Launch!

The year-long tokensale has now ended, and EOS has raised a record-breaking $4 billion worth of cryptocurrency - making it the biggest ICO in history.

I still remember when EOS was first announced last year - and when everyone was taken by surprise by the year-long tokensale event. Nobody had done anything like this before.

Lovingly nicknamed the "Ethereum Killer" (or EthereumOnSteroids), EOS aims to "decentralize everything" - especially in the lucrative market for data storage.

About EOS

EOS is a decentralized operating system created by Dan Larimer - who is also the creator of STEEM and BitShares.

In short, EOS wants to make it easy for users to create their own decentralized applications on the blockchain.
Although they have some similarities to Ethereum, EOS wants to be more than just an app development platform.

Their claim is to "decentralize everything", and their most interesting feature is the massive scalability - aiming at 1 million transactions per second.

In Dan Larimer's own words, it's the first cryptocurrency that has been built FOR scalability from the ground up.
In addition to that, EOS plans to completely eliminate fees for users, making quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications possible.

EOS runs on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) which Larimer invented, giving developers the flexibility to fix or update dApps without negatively affecting the whole network.

Block.one is an open source software publisher specializing in high performance blockchain technologies.
Its first project, EOSIO, a blockchain protocol designed to enable secure data transfer and high performance decentralized applications, has received global recognition as the first performant blockchain platform for developers, following its introduction in May 2017.

The EOSIO engineering team is led by Dan Larimer, the inventor of the revolutionary Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism. DPOS processes the majority of blockchain transactions globally and will power the EOSIO software launching in June 2018.

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The EOS Launch!

During the year-long tokensale, investors had the opportunity to purchase ERC20-based EOS tokens. Now, the day has finally come where those tokens will be swapped to the native EOS tokens!

The EOS Mainnet launch will be divided in 4 different phases, as you can see below.

EOS holders will have their tokens frozen for the time being, and had to register on eos.io to ensure a safe token swap.

Only when all 4 phases are complete, the irreversible native EOS blockchain is created. Before that, the rollback and restart of the chain is still possible. This technical due diligence is essential, and including validation testing, it could take up to a few days to complete.

So once the EOS blockchain launched on mainnet, it will take a while until the software is public and users will be able to undertake transfers again.

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EOS Price Development & Future Outlook

The EOS Token started off at a price of $1, and rose to its all-time high of over $23 in April.

Recently, the price has been sitting around $12-$14 - but due to the mainnet launch, there was an increase of almost 30% just in the last 24 hours.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-03 um 00.53.49.png

After a successful launch this weekend, the price is likely to skyrocket even more.
The upcoming months will be very exciting for EOS - I can't wait to see the different dApps that will be created with this platform.
There is no official roadmap from the EOS team for 2018 yet - so we can only speculate how soon the EOS platform will really be ready to set up its own blockchain projects.

Have you invested in EOS ? What is your prediction for the future ?

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Of course I get some EOS ;-))
And also xap!
@appics will also rock!

Wooooouuuzzzzaaaaa there will come a loooooot :-)

Hugs out
Great reminder for all who need last minut eos:-P


Thank you very much 🙌
Exciting times ahead for cryptocurrencies and blockchain!

Thanks for your explanation of this great project.
I think Dan made a fantastic job here.
In theory EOS sounds amazing. I’m curios and excited what the future will bring actually.
It depends on if they can walk the talk.


Thank you! Yes, Dan did it once again. The concept behind EOS is fantastic, and yes I am also excited to see how it will develop and impact the whole crypto space in the future !

Very good post, this information is very useful for us all, especially for those who like to trade. I think, now EOS has been much developed, and so far EOS also has a very good graph, I've read from someone else's article, they say that EOS will be a rival STEEM for the future. How do you think about this? Is that true? Because I see, EOS and STEEM are indeed Crypto that is developing for now. Thanks for sharing..


Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the post!
In my opinion, EOS and STEEM are not necessarily rivals. They were created by the same genius.

While STEEM was able to build the very first social media blockchain in the world, EOS wants to be a platform for others to develop their own blockchain projects.
While STEEM will also offer other applications on the SMT, EOS has some very unique features (like the extreme scalability) that can't be compared to STEEM.

Both will be important parts that shape the future of blockchain technology!

well detail and explanation about EOS your analysis was well understood and it points the basic functionalities of the EOS blockchain. Eos is leading the pack for the evolution of blockchain technology @sirwinchester


Thank you very much! 🙌

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EOS is profit! thanks for sharing


You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it! And yes, EOS has a lot of potential for a great investment!

This is so exciting. I love that EOS is going to support C based languages because Solidity for me was very confusing. Where can I buy EOS?

This is so exciting. I love that EOS is going to support C based languages because Solidity for me was very confusing. Where can I buy EOS?


EOS can be bought on several exchanges - for example Bitfinex, Binance, Bithumb, Huobi and Upbit.
But you shouldn't make any purchases or transfers until tomorrow when the mainnet launch is complete


Okay cool. I hope I can get in before the price skyrockets.

An inspirational article, congratulations for the work. Regarding EOS, what we have left is to get a drink and sit on the sofa waiting to go to the moon.

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Nice article ... thanks for sharing.

I am interested in EOS. I have a small amount of EOS and I want to get a lot of services through it. So, as you say, I really hope that EOS will come up more than now, and that many Dapps will emerge and good services will be created.

Sirwincheter you are realy doing great work.your explanation very good. Every person read your post and easily understand.
And Eos is good project and very good potentian in this project.

I like your publication, it's interesting. Allow me to follow you ...

Hi , am from China, your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
is that possible ?
Thank you so much for your sharing.